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What is Black Box Penetration Testing?

The best method to find the impact of a real-world attack on your business is to replicate it. Conducted by expert security professionals, black box penetration testing is a cybersecurity methodology to assess the current security posture of the organization. 

No prior information or insights are shared by the organization about its applications’ code, architecture, or system design except the URL endpoint, along with proper permissions and agreements.

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Benefits of Black Box Penetration Testing

Once done precisely by the experts, black box penetration testing helps the organization to find and verify the vulnerabilities that are exploitable by the bad actors, exactly how it would happen in real time. 


Also, unbiased and realistic results can be found with this approach along with the exposed vulnerabilities and the implementation and configuration issues in the application under test. Common vulnerabilities such as injection attacks, CSRF, XSS, etc. can be unveiled with precise remediation insights for quick remediation of the potential vulnerabilities.

Scoping and permission

Identify the vulnerabilities and risks in the OT environment.


Implement security controls, network segmentation, access control and patch management.


Implement systems to check for suspicious incidents in your OT systems.

Reporting and remediation

Fix the security issues to quickly and effectively minimize the damage.

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