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Proactive Threat Hunting Services

Towards securing your business from future attacks

What is Proactive threat hunting?

Proactive threat hunting helps to learn more about the breach, by considering the situation as post the cyber incident, which helps to uncover the impact of the attack and uncover the details of the same. This comes into great help, when it comes to securing your business from future cyber attack attempts and to learn about the methodologies of cyberattackers.

Also it helps to uncover weakness and the entry points which bad actors can leverage to gain access to sensitive information, improving the response speed and helping to reduce the overall damage and risk from a cyber attack.

managed proactive threat hunting services in uae
proactive threat hunting services in UAE, Dubai

Why you must do proactive threat hunting

Cyber criminals and their attack strategies are getting much more sophisticated and constantly evolving at a rapid pace than ever before, due to the technological advancements at an exponential rate. Proactive threat hunting helps to improve the overall security posture and to fix the security vulnerabilities helping us to be prepared against the further attacks and thereby to ensure the security.


Hypothesize about the types of threats by considering the assets, vulnerabilities and the threat actors.


Develop methodologies to detect the threats using various techniques.


Upon noticing an incident, conduct investigations to determine if it is legitimate.


Respond to the threat by mitigating, remediating and looking for other instances.

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