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ADHICS Compliance Consulting & Audit Services In UAE

Combining Cyber Security and Regulatory Compliance Requirements in One Go

ADHICS Compliance & Audit Services from Wattlecorp help you adhere to both, so that you can be reassured and focus on your core business operations.

What is ADHICS Certification ?

ADHICS is an acronym for Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security Standard and it was established by the Department of Health, the sole authority regulating healthcare services in Abu Dhabi. ADHICS is designed to support the vision and federal directives of the DOH, and is a thorough guide to regulating healthcare data in Abu Dhabi.

It supports the initiatives of the government with regard to Health Information Exchange, to build more trust among the public and ensure better information security. This regulation aims to take information security and data privacy in the Abu Dhabi health sector to international standards.

The chief goals of the ADHICS Standard are: Ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive patient information in Abu Dhabi, Protecting the quality, accuracy, and integrity of that information, and making sure that the information is available and can be readily accessed at any time. Every healthcare facility and practitioner are mandated to comply with the standard requirements and integrate within the ‘Malaffi’ system. ADHICS will help healthcare providers to handle system failures, natural calamities, and denial-of-service attacks more efficiently.

The certified ADHICS experts at Wattlecorp will assist you to align your information systems with ADHICS guidelines, and help you to revamp your operations to maintain compliance. We provide end-to-end services from gap analysis to final checks, and also help with post-implementation guidelines.

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ADHICS Compliance Consulting & Audit Services In UAE

What are the Requirement of ADHICS?

ADHICS states that healthcare services cannot use cloud infrastructure for storing, sharing, or processing patient information unless it is stored within the UAE. It’s also mandatory for healthcare entities to identify and disconnect system integration where, storage or use of health information occurs with systems that use or connect to cloud services that have remote servers outside the UAE; they can only share health information with partners and other third parties with express DoH authorization. The cyber security and healthcare information requirements have set standards for:


Our ADHICS Consultancy Services

End-to-End ADHICS services that help you ensure compliance and protect your data.

Information Gathering

The Wattlecorp team identifies the information infrastructure and critical business services and understands the context of the organization, and then initiates the project.

ADHICS GAP Assessment

Our ADHICS experts conduct a Gap Assessment to establish the current status of your information security measures as compared to the ADHICS standard.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Our team identifies healthcare data security and privacy risks keeping the ADHICS standard as the rule of thumb.

Risk Treatment Plan

We draw up a risk management or treatment plan to close the gaps and mitigate the risks, bringing them to acceptable levels.

ADHICS Policies & Procedures

The ADHICS experts at Wattlecorp drafts policies to help you achieve and maintain privacy and security so that you are compliant with ADHICS.

Technology Implementation

We provide guidance on rectifying gaps in technology and implementing technical controls.

Cyber Security Testing

Perform continuous security assessments and penetration testing helping you maintain compliance with the ADHICS Standard.

Security Awareness

Training of employees on ADHICS requirement, ensuring that they are aware, so that there is no weak link from your human resources.

ADHICS Implementation Reviews

We carry out ADHICS implementation reviews at specific intervals to assess the level of compliance, and rectify any deficits.

ADHICS Internal Audits

Executing internal audits help in determining if there are any deviations from the policies and procedures regarding data security and privacy as defined by ADHICS, and to rectify those deviations.

Why you Need ADHICS

Curb Security Incidents

By maintaining compliance with ADHICS, you can implement controls for information security and ward off security threats. You will be able to neutralize threats as they emerge. In the event an attack takes place, recovery must be rapid so that there is no disruption in your organizational workflows or services.

Avoid Delays in Service

Healthcare services are time-critical. Any delay in services could lead to health complications or even loss of life of patients. Inadequate and disparate information security controls can cause inordinate delays in providing healthcare services. This can damage your reputation and cause you to lose business.

Maintain Compliance

Any healthcare service operating in Abu Dhabi, or operating outside but possesses healthcare data of Abu Dhabi citizens, has to comply with ADHICS, and this will be mandatory for new organizations, and existing ones when they have to renew their license. By complying with ADHICS, healthcare providers both individuals and facilities, can be integrated with the Malaffi and Health Information Exchange platforms.

ADHICS standards policies and certifications in UAE and dubai

Challenges Faced for ADHICS Compliances

The most common issues and challenges faced while working with ADHICS Complainces

Excessive dependence on outmoded, legacy systems and processes is one of the biggest challenges in ADHICS implementation. These systems are vulnerable to multiple security risks and threats; consequently, implementing best practices with regard to security can be extremely difficult.

The ownership of security by disparate executive members is another tough factor; this situation exists in many organizations for the purpose of decentralizing control.

Improperly defined and unstructured process of IT/OT environment integration can make configuring security controls daunting. Setting up a centralized security control framework is in itself a tough ask when there are numerous specialized healthcare facilities in large organizations.

Time constraints are also often a huge challenge as the government inspections happen within a short time window.

Why Choose Wattlecorp's ADHICS Compliance Service ?

Budgeting for ADHICS Compliance Consulting in UAE

Wattlecorp’s ADHICS Compliance consulting service are unique in market with its quality and expertise 

The average cost of a ADHICS Consulting for a small, non-complex company can range from 10,000 AED to over 300,000 AED. Without sacrificing quality, Wattlecorp offers a variety of cyber security services that are suitable for everyone from startups to corporations.

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The ADHICS standard is applicable to all healthcare organizations and related services functioning in Abu Dhabi, regardless of whether they are in the public or private sector. This includes hospitals, healthcare services, clinics, pharmacies, health insurance services, diagnostic labs, third-party administrators, healthcare IT services, and any other medical facility which handles health e-data.
It improves data privacy standards of healthcare entities within the UAE, putting them at par with international standards. By implementing best practices of information security, sensitive patient information can be protecting, and security posture of organizations can be improved. It also provides information assurance control, enables business continuity, builds trust in patients’ minds, and protects the goodwill of providers of healthcare services.

Yes, it is mandatory as even a clinic providing healthcare services fall in the purview of DoH.

No. The DoH issues guidelines, and healthcare entities are expected to understand the requirements and implement them. You need to consult a Compliance Consultancy Service that has experience in ADHICS so that you don’t have to spend time over it.
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