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What is ERP security Assessment?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the softwares which helps organizations to unify their core business process in the most efficient manner. ERP security is a group of measures envisioned to safeguard it from unintended usage by bad actors.


Also, ensuring ERP security is vital due to its wider implementation in the majority of industries along with a whopping $74 billion market as of 2023. They store critical and sensitive business data including the customer and financial data of the organization.

erp security audit services in uae
erp security assessment and consulting services in uae

Common Cyber risks affecting ERP systems

Ransomware: it is one of the most sophisticated cyber attacks which once infected into your system, encrypts the entire data into unusable state to disrupt the business.


Phishing attacks: commonly spread through emails as vulnerable attachments or malicious links, the bad actors trick the employee to share the credentials of the firm and thereby gain access to the ERP dashboard, or directly.


Insider threats: not just bad actors from outside, the employees within the office space also can turn into malicious due to external influence, or vendetta to the firm or people within. They infect the system with malicious pieces of code which inturn affects the firm.


Zero-day attacks: they are the attacks due to the unknown or yet to know vulnerabilities. It may be difficult to defend since there might not be an immediate patch available.


Implementing strong policies to safeguard ERP systems.


Find and mitigate the vulnerabilities in the application.


Detect and respond to malicious activities with proper systems.


Safeguard a copy of essential data to restore in event of data breach.

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