WordPress, Secured by Wattlefort.

WordPress isn’t unsafe anymore. Our team has built a complete solution to WordPress security management.


We’ve built a plugin that helpes you protect your WordPress website with a click.


Loaded with security features that works flawlessly around the clock.


We call it wattlefort, the complete solution to your WordPress website security.
Why Wattlefort

Stay Safe.

Yes, it’s as easy as installing a WordPress Plugin to your website. So easy.

Block Threats

Preventing bruteforce attacks to protect your WordPress website.

Malware Scanning

Our hand-crafted malware scan a day, keeps the hacker away.


Highly secure 2Factor authentication is now avialable on WordPress.



Wattlefort helps you secure your WordPress website with effective protection including brute-force attacks blocking, enabling 2 factor authentication, malware scanning and even web-application firewall. 

It’s built to protect.

Protecting Small Businesses from COVID-19

Our committment towards small businesses is now affordable.

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