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todaySeptember 22, 2020

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Types of Hackers

The word “hacker” is well-known to almost everyone these days. However, not everyone is aware of the entire concept of hacking – their targets, methods, motives and the different types. Most people think that a “hacker” is a self-taught rogue programmer who is skilled at modifying computer hardware or software [...]



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Being a security expert is not easy. We choose only the best of the best, to guarantee the excellence in any of our services.

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6 Month Internship Program in Cyber Security

This is a cybersecurity career-driven internship. During this program, our Interns will learn how to break into networks, operating systems and applications themselves. Whether its a network, server or an application we train them how to tear apart, from head to toe.

check Two Months of Training

check Four Months Real Time VAPT Projects

check Cyber Security Product Development​

check Placement Assistance

  • Intense Training
  • Industrial Exposure
  • Installing the Hacker


Two Months of Training

The first step is training, We got to prepare you for the war. Each Intern will go through rigorous training on cyber security assessment.


Four Months Real Time VAPT Projects

The second step is performing. This is war. Here we will put you into Wattlecorp’s VAPT projects. Here is where you learn skills out of the classrooms.


We Party

Ofcourse we party, the hacker way. Sometimes you would be woken up from your sleep to a 48 Hrs of Internal Hackathon. We love giving surprises.

Placement Assistance

We always take the cream and all others will be given a proper placement assistance. We know, you can take them out there.


Cyber Security Product Development​

We know this is not everyone’s cup of tea. For exactly the same reason only few Interns who are more inclined to Product Development will get this offer.


Hacker Community

All Interns will be the part of Wattlecorp’s Hacker Community. here we focus on learning and doing things, the community way. We do research on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security, Operational Technology (OT) Security, Internet of Things (IOT) Security, Automotive Cybersecurity (Car Hacking) and Blockchain Security.

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1 Month Internship Program in Cyber Security

  • Intense Training
  • Real World Simulations
  • The Hackers Way

Your adventure is our routine.
Be part of the best hacker pack. Our 1 month internship program is introduced with an intention to give the right kind of Cybersecurity education to who are in short of time. One month, one mission that is to take you from zero to hero.

check One Month Training

check Real World Simulations

Life at Wattlecorp

Intense training

Our intense training methodology and exercises molds you into a ruthless ethical hacker.


Industrial exposure

During the 6 month internship you get to work with various industrial security projects


Expert Team

Our war hardend expert team will be the mentors you ever wished for.


Hacker attitude

Our final product is a human weapon, with a hacker attitude who can protect companies and Governments.


10 Days Internship Program in Cyber Security

  • Intense Training
  • Real World Simulations
  • The Hackers Way

Our 10-days cybersecurity internship program will introduce you to the world of cybersecurity. The program will help you explore the hacker in you.

check 10 Days Training

check Real World Simulations

Think Again

At Wattlecorp we break things

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