Secure Source Code Review Services

Deep testing source code to Find weaknesses before hackers utilise it.

The Security of the universe lies in its atoms too.

What is source code review?

Source code review helps to improve the quality and security of your software applications through strict code-level analysis and evaluation. This helps to find vulnerabilities from the initial development stages that help to release secure applications into production. It prevents code-level vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows, injection attacks, CSRF, and XSS.

Secure Source Code Review services in uae and dubai
source code audit and review services in uae and dubai

Why do you need a source code review?

The earlier to find a vulnerability, the earlier to ensure security. Source code review helps to find vulnerabilities in the code base at the earliest stage (post-development) which brings a lot of benefits to your business, ranging from better security, profitability, reputation and legal compliance.


Wattlecorp assesses the security posture to identify the vulnerabilities, even from the root level.


A comprehensive and insightful vulnerability report is curated to help you understand and fix a secure application.


Consistent assessment is the key to security. Our team helps you monitor proactively for new vulnerabilities.

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