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Expert GDPR Compliance Consulting Services In UAE

Get the best GDPR compliance consulting services  and expand your business in EU and EEA regions securely. Comprehensive GDPR compliance test from Wattlecorp towards subject rights assurance

What Is GDPR Compliance Services?

Securing every individual’s data from cyber threats has now become paramount in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR] is the world’s strongest data protection rule, that prioritizes the data privacy of individuals from the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) regions. It helps businesses across the world ensure that the collected personal data of individuals from the region is kept secure and safe from breaches. It came into effect on May 25, 2018, replacing the EU data protection directive of 1995, which prevailed in the same region. 

The GDPR compliance is not only a legal requirement, but also a cornerstone of ethical business practices. Aligning with GDPR compliance helps guide your business through the complexities of data protection, at ease.

Why do you need GDPR compliance In UAE?

Answering the need to be GDPR-compliant can be done in various verticals. Primarily purposed to secure individual data by collecting responsibly and keeping them safely, it also conveys the need and commitment from the organization’s standpoint of view.


From a legal viewpoint, lack of compliance would result in a hefty fine of 20 million euros or 4% of annual business turnover, whichever is the highest. Rather than being a few checkboxes of safe practices and mandates, GDPR goes beyond the penalties towards protecting the privacy and rights of individuals, and enhancing the reputation and a sense of trust from your customers.

GDPR Compliance Audit & Assessment Services

Often, it might get harder for you to understand and follow the compliance and regulatory landscape, including the GDPR ones. However, the legal mandates and severe penalties for non-compliance enhance the need to adhere to the GDPR standards.


The expert team (also the most humane) of Wattlecorp guides you throughout the compliance journey to ensure security coverage from existing and upcoming threats alike. We never serves the one-size-fits-all solution, but a tailored approach that suits perfectly the unique needs of your business demands, aligning with your existing practices.

What We do In Our GDPR Consulting

Being an organization that is GDPR compliant reflects that you uphold the data subject’s (users’) rights to their personal data. Also, it helps to be accountable and transparent when it comes to processing personal data and thereby preventing data abuse. It gives a greater competitive advantage when it comes to the global marketplace too.





Our team walks beside your key stakeholders toward understanding the process of data collection, storage, and processing. We assess the security posture to identify the vulnerabilities, even from the root level.


A comprehensive and insightful vulnerability report is curated to help you understand where to improve and fix towards securing the application.


Our team works with your team in cross-collaboration toward implementing the required changes. This involves providing training to the employees, updating privacy policies, and improving security measures


Consistent assessment is the key to security. Our team helps you monitor proactively for new vulnerabilities and to remain compliant with the GDPR regulations.


What we hunt for in a GDPR Compliance Audit

GDPR checklists are comprehensive, and so are our compliance evaluations. We conduct meticulous GDPR compliance scans to ensure the data processing activities in your business are in place. Our priority lies in focusing on key areas and weak points alike to ensure no points are left unseen and towards understanding your current practices.

Data mapping and classification

Understanding where and how personal data is stored, processed, and collected by your business is crucial and often considered to be in the initial phases. Our team dives into the process of mapping the data, finding how the data flows from the user input, storage, and processing to help classify them properly, based on their nature and importance.

Consent management processes

User consent is one of the fundamental principles when it comes to the GDPR guidelines. Our team evaluates how your organization obtains, stores, and manages the consent of the data subjects aka users. This helps to find where it is not followed to ensure it aligns with the regulatory requirements

Security measures and protocols

Your business and customer data should not and never end up in the hands of a bad actor. Protecting the data from breaches and unauthorized access is crucial to GDPR compliance. Our team assesses your current security measures and protocols to identify where your business needs improvements.

Incident Response and Reporting

However secure you are at present, the flow of time introduces new vulnerabilities in your software, hardware, or infrastructural assets. Swift and transparent actions in time of the unfortunate incident of a data breach help to reduce its impact. Our compliance scan also, checks for how much your team is prepared and how capable are you for such bad times in the GDPR compliance audit.

GDPR Compliance Service Outputs

Clarity over your data processing activities

With our comprehensive assessment, you are able to gain a precise understanding of how personal data is processed in your business towards finding the flaws and ensuring GDPR compliance.

Roadmap towards GDPR compliance

Not just finding non-compliance; let’s achieve and maintain GDPR compliance with specific recommendations and tailored action plans.

1:1 technical assistance

Expert support towards achieving compliance in all stages and towards the future.

Secure badge

Share the word with the world. Reflect that you are security conscious with our security badge on your websites.

Support forever

A friend in securing your organization is a friend indeed. Let’s be compliance and secure your business not just now, but forever.

How Wattlecorp differs from the rest

Achieving GDPR compliance for your business should be simple. Our team comprises a professional and humane set of people, with a keen passion for the cybersecurity realm, and for ensuring security and compliance for businesses in need. We ensure your business and applications are strong enough to prevent and mitigate the vulnerabilities in today’s cybersecurity landscape. Being the pioneer in the GDPR compliance audit service providers, we set the pace by:

Benefits for all Security Stakeholders


Prioritize focus towards the core business activities supported by the assurance that the cyber resilience measures are in place. Mitigate the cyber risks from data breaches and non-compliance by complying with the GDPR. Avoid hefty penalties and complications too.


Foster a security-aware team of people who are conscious of the importance of the data they handle every day and how they can contribute well towards ensuring the security of the organization.


Assure the peace of mind of customers by demonstrating a commitment towards prioritizing their privacy, by being GDPR compliant. Also, it helps you to strengthen the brand voice, and increase customer loyalty towards enhanced positive word of mouth from them.

Costing of GDPR Compliance scan

The GDPR compliance service price varies based on your demands and various other factors such as the size of the application, amount of time, and the level of involvement of our experts.

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GDPR compliance Consulting As a service

Cybersecurity resilience is not just about being in compliance with the GDPR guideline or any other legal and regulatory procedures. It is a comprehensive process that starts from any simple vents in your building to an unattended port in your network or systems. We aim to help you with all your cybersecurity needs towards ensuring comprehensive and watertight security for all your applications, systems, and infrastructures alike.

Our GDPR compliance risk assessment strategy

Achieving GDPR compliance is never a one-time event. It is rather more of an ongoing process that has the need to conduct continuous assessment and adaptation based on the findings. The foundation of our strategy designing is to be iterative and thorough, towards ensuring your organization maintains compliance, not just now, but forever in your business lifetime.

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The General Data Protection Regulation is a personal data privacy framework to protect the individual data of people residing within the European Union (EU) region. This helps businesses to establish precise and clear regulatory standards for the collection, processing, and storage of personal data.

Be it any business, nonprofits, and public authorities, the GDPR is applicable to any organization that processes the personal data of individuals in the EU region. Also, the location of the business doesn’t matter here.

Lack of GDPR compliance would result in severe consequences ranging from hefty fines (20 million euros or 4% of annual business turnover, whichever is the highest), legal actions, reputational damage, and even corrective measures from supervisory authorities.

When it comes to GDPR compliance, being a multinational company or a small local business does never give you an exclusion. Handling EU regional personal data makes you obligated to comply with the GDPR.

A GDPR compliance service benefits your business with expert security guidance and tailored solutions towards finding and mitigating the security gaps in your business through assessing the compliance gaps.


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