Aramco Cybersecurity Compliance Certification (CCC) Assistance

Reinforce third-party security posture towards zero cyber risks aligning with TPCS

What is Saudi Aramco CCC ?

Being the world’s largest oil producer and one of the most profitable companies, Saudi Aramco, a.k.a Saudi Arabian Oil Company has mandated that third parties and suppliers should get Cybersecurity Compliance Certification.

It is an initiative with a mission to ensure the security of third parties and suppliers planning to do business with Saudi Aramco. And ensure these entities follow the SACS002 standard, to verify that they abide by the safety and security standards put forth by Aramco.

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What is SACS002

Inspired by the NIST CSF (National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework), the SACS002 is a Third-Party Cybersecurity Standard (TPCS) by Saudi Aramco. It contains general requirements for ensuring security resilience primarily for the ICT-focused third-party services including critical data processing, network, and infrastructure-related services


Understanding the SACS-002 to understand the regulatory requirements is the most preliminary step, followed by conducting, and self-assessment of the present cybersecurity posture of the organization


The third-party cybersecurity compliance report (TPCCR) and the third-party classification template (TPCT) should be prepared by the firm and will be shared with the audit firm for review and feedback.


The audit firm will arrive at the office for an on-site audit and once you have cleared it, they will issue the Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate (CCC) to you.

Submission to Aramco

The Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate will be submitted through the Saudi Aramco e-Marketplace website, which will be then audited and approved by the authorities.

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