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ARAMCO Cybersecurity Compliance services from Wattlecorp help you reinforce third-party security posture towards zero cyber risks aligning with TPCS.


Saudi Aramco is the largest integrated oil and gas company in the world. It deals with huge volumes of data that are sensitive in nature, and is highly vulnerable to malicious cyber-attacks. To protect itself, it introduced cybersecurity compliance certifications to make sure that the businesses that partnered with them followed their security and quality requirements stringently.

The SACS-002, or Saudi Aramco Third Party Cybersecurity Standard, was established to ensure that all third parties or supply chain partners comply with certain cybersecurity requirements to protect the vital information and assets of Saudi ARAMCO from cyber threats.  The set of cybersecurity requirements is also known as the Third-Party Cybersecurity Standard (SACS-002). All vendors who with to do business with Saudi Aramco must comply with these requirements. There are several business-critical requirements, like assessing the ICT infrastructure, checking for glaring security gaps, and fixing them as per the best practices laid down in the SACS-002. Businesses are then required to furnish a report confirming that they have implemented and are maintaining adequate security practices, with proper evidence. When the ARAMCO organization is satisfied, they will issue the Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate for the business.

Vendors who are already part of the Saudi Aramco supply chain and those who want to tie up with them, must be in compliance with the requirements as stated in the Third-Party Cybersecurity Standard (SACS-002) and produce the certificate.

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Understanding Aramco Cybersecurity Certification

Saudi Aramco introduced two classes of cybersecurity certifications for their supply chain partners depending on the nature of work outsourced to them, or the classification of the company. One was the Cybersecurity Compliance Certification or CCC and the other was the Cybersecurity Compliance Certification Plus, or CCC+.


These certifications aim to mitigate cyber risk, protect from possible vulnerabilities and ensure a robust security posture for third parties, as this was a major source of threat for Saudi Aramco for several years.


Our ARAMCO CCC Compliance Services

Comprehensive ARAMCO CCC services that help you protect against cyberattacks and ensure compliance

Initial Evaluation

The Wattlecorp team evaluates your operations thoroughly to check if they are as per Aramco requirements. Safety, quality, and environmental efficiency aspects are carefully scrutinized.


Our ARAMCO CCC experts carry out a Gap Assessment to verify if your information security measures are as per the ARAMCO CCC standard and if there are any vulnerabilities.

Cyber Risk Assessment

The Wattlecorp team identifies data security and privacy risks by comparing the current status with the ARAMCO CCC standard.

Risk Treatment Plan

Our dedicated professionals draft a risk management or treatment plan to plug the gaps and mitigate the risks, bringing them to acceptable levels as per the controls set in the SACS-002.

ARAMCO CCC Policies & Procedures

The ARAMCO CCC experts at Wattlecorp draw up strategies that help you achieve and maintain both privacy and security to ensure compliance with ARAMCO CCC or CCC+.

Technology Implementation

Should we find any tech gaps, our team will guide you on closing them and applying technical controls.

ARAMCO CCC Internal Audits

To check if there are any deviations from data security policies and procedures as set forth in ARAMCO CCC, we conduct regular internal audits and correct anomalies if any.

Security Awareness

Our team conducts training sessions for employees on ARAMCO CCC requirements, spreading awareness and eliminating potential leaks or errors from your workforce.

ARAMCO CCC Implementation Reviews

To evaluate your continued compliance levels, we carry out ARAMCO CCC implementation reviews regularly, allowing us to remedy any issues.

saudi aramco cybersecurity compliance certification services

Benefits of ARAMCO CCC

We know that any third-party vendor who wants to partner with Saudi Aramco must have the Third-Party Cybersecurity Certification. The biggest and most obvious benefit is that the risk of cyber-attacks is greatly reduced both for your business as well as for Saudi Aramco. You get the opportunity to do business with a giant company which can bring in many ripple-effect benefits:

  • Improved reputation: when you make an effort to get Aramco CCC certified, it will boost your reputation as a business committed to cybersecurity, making you attractive to other clients too. Aramco deals with several companies, and you can get noticed.
  •  Competitive edge: Being Aramco CCC certified gives you a significant edge over competitors who are not certified and helps your business stand out.
  • Cost savings : preventing cyber attacks is much more economical than cleaning up the mess after a breach and investing in protecting data and assets helps you save substantially.
saudi aramco ccc company

Challenges Faced In Getting ARAMCO CCC Certification

While the Aramco CCC is mandatory for doing business with ARAMCO and offers several benefits, it is not without its challenges.

  • Vendors may need to shell out significant resources in terms of people and money to get certified and not everyone may be willing to do that, especially when the awareness about cybersecurity is low.
  • There are several legislations both domestic and international that vendors need to comply with, making the process more complicated.
  •  The certification is not a one-and-done thing. Organizations have to constantly ensure that their operations and procedures are as expected by the SACS-002. It can be a continuous struggle to keep up with changing regulations and advancements in cybersecurity procedures.

Of course, these challenges can be easily overcome when you entrust Wattlecorp with auditing your procedures to help you get certified.

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The key areas that are evaluated include data protection, network security, access control, cybersecurity regulations compliance, incident response strategies, workforce awareness and training programs.

The ideal time to apply to renew your Aramco CCC certificate is shortly before the validity period of two years comes to a close.

To ensure compliance, your business must submit a renewal application for the CCC Certificate before the end of the two-year validity period.

A self-assessment test to compare with the SACS-002 controls is sufficient for third-parties who want to get CCC certified. They can ask for one of the authorized firms to validate the compliance assessment package remotely.

To get the CCC+ certification, third-party vendors who are classified as critical data processors or network connectivity providers will have to get one of the authorized firms to carry out their online assessment by comparing with the scope controls as set out in SACS-002.

Go to the e-marketplace system to upload both your Aramco CCC and the CCC report to Saudi Aramco.

That depends entirely on the type of engagement and classification you belong to. If the classification is the same, there is no need for a new certificate. However, if it changes, you may need to approach one of the authorized audit firms to carry out an assessment to verify your compliance levels against the scoped controls set out in SACS-002. This will cover everything in the category previously covered along with the new ones.

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