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Cyber Security Risk and Compliance Consulting in Saudi Arabia

De-risk and protect your business through our range of risk and compliance consulting services centred around Saudi Arabia’s various cybersecurity compliances. 

What we do

We provide foolproof cybersecurity solutions to keep your business protected from threats of various size and scope, helping you save millions of dollars in losses and facilitating stress-free day-to-day business operations. 

Regulatory compliance can be a headache for any business. Security can be tricky stuff! If you want to know your system is secure, you need to go through a laborious and time-consuming audit process. And even then, you might not have a full picture of your current state.

At Wattlecorp, we provide end-to-end compliance services aligned to Saudi Arabia’s cybersecurity policy. 

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Compliance Consulting Services in Saudi Arabia

Obtain expert advice into your compliance posture.

Wattlecorp offers you a set of services that cover IT and Cyber Security compliance in Saudi Arabia. They are scalable and adaptable. Lastly, they are flexible, meaning they can be used in different ways to achieve desired results. These features help in the protection of vital data and the maintenance of business continuity.

How do we do it?


We help your business assess your current compliance and identify requirement gaps and operational proficiency. After identifying these factors, we partner with your team to address them.


We assist businesses with regulatory compliance laws, whether amended, new, or current. Our team works with you to design and implement appropriate compliance technology solutions.

Testing And Rectification

We guide your business in the development and execution of tests, as and correction or enhancement of compliance-related procedures, policies, and controls to help you maintain compliances.

Monitoring Compliance and Reporting

We guide you through the creation and execution of activities to monitor compliance and generate reports.

Why Wattlecorp?

At Wattlecorp, our team knows various cybersecurity compliances in Saudi Arabia like the back of their hands, which will help you build a rock-solid security for your business.

We Assist You in Meeting the Following Compliance Prerequisites

SAMA Compliance Consulting Services

This compliance , laid down by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, is uniquely designed to keep the information assets and data of your business in Saudi Arabia safe from potential threats. We have expertise in helping your brand with SAMA compliance. Every SAMA-regulated financial institution must comply with the Cyber Security Framework, beginning with the implementation of a comprehensive data protection strategy. SAMA compliance mainly applies to businesses operating in banking, insurance and financial companies.

Aramco CCC

If you’re working as a third-party of Aramco, you’ll need to comply with SACS-002, or Third-Party Cybersecurity Standard, cybersecurity requirements the Cybersecurity Compliance Certificate introduced by Aramco. If you are a member of their supply chain, you will need to comply with their security requirements and give evidence that you do. Whoever wishes to conduct business with Aramco must take the required precautions to safeguard Saudi Aramco's sensitive data and key assets against cyberattacks. Wattlecorp assists you in meeting the CCC's stringent business vital standards in order to qualify for the CCC. This involves evaluating your IT infrastructure, identifying and resolving any security vulnerabilities, submitting a report with supporting evidence, etc.

GDPR Compliance Services

Even though the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation, it applies to all organizations that collect and process the personal information of EU people. It covers the protection of EU residents' privacy and personal information. Businesses may face substantial financial, reputational, and legal implications for noncompliance. Wattlecorp provides businesses with a full range of GDPR assessment and data security consultancy services to help them remain compliant and avoid fines. Customers are able to acquire a thorough insight of their compliance status and GDPR preparation thanks to our methodology.

ISO 27001 Compliance

We help your business comply with the latest ISO 27001 standards, designed to strengthen your cybersecurity efforts by implementing necessary security controls when it comes to handling sensitive data.

Saudi NCA Compliance

Revamp the security of your digital assets in line with the Saudi NCA (National Cybersecurity Authority) compliance. We will help you implement NCA standards in your organisation, taking your data security to the next level.

PCI DSS Compliance

PCI DSS compliance provides additional safety if you’re storing the card details and sensitive information about your customers. It effectively prevents data breach and boosts the confidence of your customers. At Wattlecorp, we have specialists focusing on PCI DSS compliance, helping your business get to safety faster.

HIPAA Consulting Services

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was passed in 1996 in the United States, and all healthcare facilities are required to adopt its rules. Its fundamental purpose is to preserve patients' medical and health information, increase the mobility of health insurance, and boost the overall efficiency of the health business. Our HIPAA consulting specialists collaborate extensively with healthcare businesses to guarantee that they are HIPAA-compliant and current.

As hackers grow increasingly imaginative in their attack tactics and breadth, protecting an organization from the threat of cyberattacks has become of the highest significance. Individuals and companies can be severely harmed by phishing, ransomware, DNS spoofing, and other malicious operations. Governments and other regulatory agencies routinely adopt new legislation to counteract these dangers.  Cyber security compliance in Saudi Arabia are getting increasingly strict. Compliance with rules that change regularly can be tough for businesses in any sector or region. Compliance maintenance may be aided by a professional cybersecurity consulting firm, which delivers the following benefits:

Advantages of Compliance Consulting
Budgeting for Cyber Security Consulting in Saudi Arabia. 

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Your company is vulnerable not just to cyberattacks, but also to fines and penalties if its compliance is not watertight. Cyberattacks can potentially result in substantial monetary losses by itself. Spending a modest amount to assure compliance is preferable than saving a big amount of money.

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Obtain a price estimate for your cybersecurity compliance consulting needs in the Saudi Arabia. Or obtain a complimentary evaluation before investing in our services.

Cyber security Compliance Consulting as a Service

To assure your compliance with international legislation, we provide continuing assistance and knowledge-sharing. In addition to identifying and resolving legal and regulatory compliance needs, we also assist with the implementation of an effective compliance management strategy to prevent gaps.

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We help companies to become compliant with cybersecurity regulations

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The organisation should do the following to implement cybersecurity compliance:
Create and keep a secure network.
Safeguard Personal information.
Keep a vulnerability management programme in place.
Put in place strict access control measures.
Networks should be monitored and tested on a regular basis.
Maintain a policy for information security.

GRC (for governance, risk, and compliance) is a business strategy for managing governance, risk, and regulatory compliance.
The GRC collection of practices and processes provides a systematic method to aligning IT with business objectives. GRC enables firms to effectively manage IT and security risks while lowering costs and meeting regulatory requirements. It also enhances decision-making and performance by offering a holistic view of how well a company manages its risks.

A cybersecurity consultant is in charge of locating vulnerabilities, analysing security concerns, assessing risk, and putting up solutions that mitigate threats to a company’s computer networks and computer systems. They are also responsible for developing effective defences against potential cyber risks for the network, the system, the data, and the information systems.

CISO Consulting Services provide organisations with a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) that has the experience and competencies required to help in the development, creation, and implementation of a unique security strategy. The CISO has extensive experience in IT leadership and risk management.

The Common cyber security risks  are
Phishing attack.
Social engineering attacks.
Supply chain attacks.
Advanced persistent threats (APT)
Distributed denial of service (DDoS)
Man-in-the-middle attack (MitM)

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