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Secure Source Code Review Services In UAE,Dubai

Deep testing source code to Find weaknesses before hackers utilise it.

The Security of the universe lies in its atoms too.

What is source code review ?

Source code review helps improve your software applications’ quality and security through strict code-level analysis and evaluation. This helps to find coding errors, bugs, and vulnerabilities from the initial development stages towards the secure release of applications into production.

It prevents vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows, injection attacks, CSRF, and XSS; code-level bugs such as logic errors, performance issues, and memory leaks; and coding errors such as style violations, syntax errors, and typos.

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source code audit and review services in uae and dubai

Secure Source code review as a service In UAE

Review improves everything, including your code. With the same in hand, it also consumes a lot for your organization, in terms of both time and resources. It can be done using both manual and automated tools, based on the requirements put forth. Automated source code review checks individual lines in a much faster manner, whereas manual code review would analyze specific issues more strategically.

Secure Source Code Review services in uae and dubai

Why do you need a secure source code review?

Get expert insight on how your code can be exploited

Earlier to find a vulnerability, earlier to ensure security. Secure source code review helps to find vulnerabilities in the code base at the earliest stage (post-development) which brings a lot of benefits to your business, ranging from better security, profitability, reputation, and legal compliance. Also, it improves the code quality and reliability of your software application.


Wattlecorp assesses security posture to identify vulnerabilities. Your source code will be subjected to testing techniques, including static and dynamic analysis, and manual and automated security scanning to uncover vulnerabilities in your software application. The combination of resourceful experts and an arsenal of advanced tools comes in handy in this process, leaving no bug in your codebase left undiscovered.


Post the assessment, an insightful report is curated for your development team with suggestions for ensuring secure coding standards. Proactive and collaborative recommendations are set to address the vulnerabilities found and to communicate effectively with the technical team and the stakeholders and other entities.


Consistency is the key to ensuring security. Our SOC team constantly monitors your applications for new vulnerabilities based on your interest. Resilience to both emerging and known threats is ensured to establish and continue application integrity and to help security professionals stay ahead of the curve and proactively stay ahead of the threats.

Benefits for all Security Stakeholders

CISO and security team

Improvise the security posture and optimize the security team’s workload

CTO and software development team

Secure software release with improvised talent and resource efficiency


Safeguard reputation and the integrity of the business and legal compliance


What we hunt for in a secure source code review

No more space for black-hat hackers.

Injection flaws

Proper input validation and output encoding are ensured to identify and mitigate cyberattacks such as SQL injection, Cross-site scripting (XSS), Command injection and LDAP injection.

Security misconfigurations

Data breaches are prevented by examining configuration files, default settings, access and permissions to files and directories, error handling, system configurations and checking for implementations for monitoring and logs.

Broken authentication & session management

Unauthorized access to the application is prevented by hunting down the authentication, session management, insecure password management and improper session handling vulnerabilities.

Insecure direct object reference

Manipulation of sensitive data is prevented by checking for access control verification, mapping user input to objects, and by implementing proper prevention mechanisms.

Sensitive data exposure

The confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information are maintained with identification of sensitive data, proper data encryption, access controls, and error handling.

Compliance requirements

Legal and regulatory standards are ensured by proper data handling, implementing security controls, risk assessment, documentation and reporting, and compliance tests.

Vulnerable third-party dependencies

External code and related components are ensured of security by proper vulnerability scanning, dependency analysis, dependency patching, and by adopting secure development practices.

Insecure coding standards

The application is safeguarded from attackers by ensuring secure coding standards are in place. Also, timing attacks, password hashing, cryptographic operations, and access controls are scanned.

In addition to searching for vulnerabilities in the application itself, our testing also examines the back-end services used by the app. During testing, we ensure that all app components are covered by focusing on both the app and its back-end services. We employ reverse engineering, binary, and file-level analysis to detect difficult-to-find vulnerabilities, which is significantly more in-depth than a standard penetration test.

These security testing activities may include but are not limited to:

Explore the Secure Code Review strategy

Our advanced code review service is designed to identify issues, vulnerabilities, and logical errors in your applications. We utilize a comprehensive and cutting-edge security testing approach to evaluate every aspect of your application security. By combining manual testing techniques we are able to detect a range of application security flaws while minimizing false positives. Before initiating any projects we thoroughly assess the applications. In this stage, our team manually verifies the results of automated vulnerability scans. Actively exploits implementation flaws and business logic errors.

Secure Code Review Service Outputs

Insightful report

Precise documentation with comprehensive analysis of the vulnerabilities found with metrics, fixation recommendations, and snippets for a deeper understanding of your application.

1:1 technical assistance

Tailored support from our experts for you with clarification and explanations for a detailed issue resolution, with feedback and validations for a complete understanding and application of remediation recommendations.


Once you have fixed the vulnerabilities found, let’s cross-examine to ensure the vulnerabilities are addressed adequately in response to the findings.

Secure badge

Sharing the news that you are secure from threats and are maintaining high-security standards is pretty simple now; with our security badge on your website.

Awareness workshops

Everyone in your organization contributes equally to your resilience, be it any threat or cyber threats. We provide security awareness to foster resilience and a better culture in your firm.

Continuous support

Ain’t just clients, but the future friends. Securing your business once brings you the great benefit of networking for a collaborative future.

How Wattlecorp differs from the rest

We ensure your applications are fortified against the ever-present vulnerabilities in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Being the pioneer in secure source code review in the UAE region, we set the bar of standards higher with:

Costing of Secure source code review service

Secure source code review services can vary in price depending on the size and complexity of your codebase, the level of service you need, and the experience of the reviewers.

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Secure Code Review as a Service

We envision the complete security of your organization, not just some mere test, and why we should? Our expert security team conducts in-depth vulnerability scans to unveil all the vulnerabilities in your applications with just an aim–comprehensive cyber resilience from threats.

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SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Broken authentication and session management, insecure direct object reference, Cross-site request forgery (CSRF), security misconfigurations, and more.

Ensuring secure source code using proper coding standards and methodologies helps primarily to reduce the risk of security breaches, improve compliance, and increase business integrity and customer confidence.

The time required for a secure source code review service varies based on various parameters of your application, ranging from its complexity to the level of service involved.

Static application security testing (SAST) tools, Dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools, and Manual code reviews are the tools used, and the methodologies secure coding training, secure coding guidelines, and code review tools.

Secure source code review helps to identify and fix security vulnerabilities in your software applications’ source code. Left unpatched, these vulnerabilities would allow bad actors to gain access to your sensitive data and system.

Security professionals versed well in cybersecurity and software development typically perform the secure code review service.

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