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What is SAMA CSF ?

SAMA – The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, is the Central Bank of Saudi that regulates financial organizations in KSA. They issued certain guidelines for financial institutions to secure sensitive information assets and online services, called the SAMA Cyber Security Framework.

The purpose behind introducing this SAMA compliance regulation was to fortify the best practices followed by financial institutions and ensure that they followed the highest global security standards. This framework is comprehensive, and is a combination of several industry standards and government regulations across the world, including PCI DSS, NIST, Basel II, and ISO 27001/27002.

By implementing this SAMA Cybersecurity framework, organizations will be able to achieve a minimum level of security to safeguard against ever-increasing cyber security threats. The Saudi Central Bank has integrated the concepts of compliance and managing risk using science and technology to foster a cyber security culture with superior knowledge and awareness.

The Risk and Compliance Department of the bank has initiated several measures and controls to mitigate potential risks and continuously enhance the security culture, simultaneously improving compliance levels to bring them at par with international regulations. It is applicable to every financial institution that comes under the ambit of the Saudi Central Bank, and who are known as its member organizations.

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sama compliance consulting in saudi arabia

Objectives and Scope of SAMA Compliance

The SAMA cybersecurity framework has been initiated to help SAMA regulated financial institutions to be equipped to deal with increasing cyber-security risks and protect sensitive information of their customers from falling into the wrong hands. The objectives are : 

The scope of the SAMA framework covers:

sama compliance consulting and auditing services in saudi arabia

Why SAMA compliance ?

Legal Compliance and Maximum Protection for Sensitive Customer Data

Extensive compliance fulfilment for SAMA IT governance framework helps you gain customer trust and provide a secure digital banking experience for your customers.

Wattlecorp enables you to focus on your core business activities that propel your growth, while we ensure compliance with the SAMA Cybersecurity framework. We offer complete SAMA compliance consulting by deploying tools and techniques including monitoring social media, ransomware data leaks, AI, and algorithms.

Our threat intelligence can help you become fully SAMA compliant and thwart cyber threats that could weaken your organization and damage your reputation. We have an excellent track record of helping financial institutions and SAMA member organizations to achieve the prescribed security standards and helping them conduct comprehensive internal audit to set up a more efficient information security framework.

Protection against Emerging Cyber Attacks and Threats

The Saudi Central Bank revises and updates the security standards regularly to ascertain that banks and other financial institutions are in step with the latest regulations and well-equipped to handle the ever-increasing and emerging security threats.

Be Legally Compliant and Up to Date

The Saudi Central Bank’s compliance assessment offers a detailed and thorough blueprint that can be replicated easily. The whole process can be documented easily and you can also refer to several online resources, eliminating the need to recreate it every time, saving significant time and effort.

Better Information Management and Enhance Company Reputation

In today’s competitive world, it is imperative that your brand has an edge over others. SAMA compliance not only boosts security with a thorough gap analysis, it is a strong indication of how much you value customer privacy. This increases your brand reputation substantially.


Our SAMA Consultancy Services in Saudi Arabia

Complete UAE IAR services towards securing your critical data

Identification of Critical Services

First of all, our SAMA experts identify the organizational assets and critical services

SAMA GAP Assessment

As the next step, our team conducts a Gap analysis to determine the information security measures existing in your organization.

Cyber Risk Assessment

The potential risks to privacy and data security are identified by referring to the SAMA guidelines and prescribed controls

CSF Controls Identification

The next step is determining the requisite cybersecurity controls that can help mitigate the potential risks, and will help in achieving SAMA Cyber Security Framework compliance.

Risk Treatment Plan

We then draw up a risk management or treatment plan to close the gaps and mitigate the risks, bringing them down to manageable levels.

Implementing Policies & Procedures

Our SAMA experts will draft the necessary policies of information security that will help you attain and maintain both security and privacy of data, and be in compliance with SAMA.

Security Awareness

It is essential to enhance security awareness among the employees to improve cybersecurity posture, as human beings are often the weakest link. We provide necessary training to improve awareness.

Technology Control Implementation

We also provide configuration advisory, which is guidance on how to remedy the technology gaps and to implement technical controls to improve the security architecture of the organization.

Management Controls

Our team helps with the implementation of management controls like operational controls in addition to physical security controls.

Security Testing

By conducting vulnerability assessments regularly and performing penetration testing, we help in the assessment of your security measures and recommend fixes.

SIEM & Incident Response

The Wattlecorp SAMA team is adept at SIEM solution deployment, management of security devices and round-the-clock security monitoring.

Managed Network Security

We provide managed security with robust firewalls, sophisticated UTMs, URL filters, web security, VPN, Wi-Fi security and secure remote access.

Data & Endpoint Security

Your organization can benefit from our services like mobile device management, endpoint security, patch management, and data loss prevention solutions.

SAMA Implementation Reviews

Verifying the efficacy of your SAMA compliance management is critical; to this end, we carry out progress reviews of the implementation.

SAMA Internal Audits

Conducting internal audits is valuable in ascertaining whether there are any deviations from the prescribed policies of information security of the SAMA framework, and to remedy such deviations.

External Audit Support

Our team helps the customer organization to meet the requisite SAMA cyber security framework mandates in the course of the compliance audit.

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Budgeting for SAMA Compliance Consulation service in Saudi Arabia.

The average cost of a penetration test for a small, company can range from 30,000 SAR to over 300,000 SAR. Without sacrificing quality, Wattlecorp offers a variety of services that are suitable for everyone from startups to corporations.

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SAMA or the Saudi Central Bank issues the Saudi Riyal, the nation’s currency, supervises commercial banks, promotes stability of exchange rates, is in charge of foreign exchange management, and protects the growth and stability of the financial system in Saudi Arabia.

The SAMA frameworks applies to the following entities:

  • All the banks that operate in KSA
  • Every insurance company that operates in KSA
  • Financing companies that conduct operations in KSA
  • Every credit bureau that has operations in KSA

The SAMA framework is structured around 4 domains:

  • Cybersecurity leadership and governance
  • Cybersecurity risk management and compliance
  • Cybersecurity operations and technology
  • Third-party cyber security
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