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Cyber Security Risk and Compliance Consulting in UAE

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Cybersecurity threats are expanding in scope and severity, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to maintain the privacy and security of their data especially in Middle East Region. Data can be compromised by deliberate malicious actions, undetected security lapses, and flaws in new technologies, jeopardizing not only individual but also national security. Any security deficiency must be addressed immediately to prevent data leaks and the subsequent damage they can cause.

All over the world, businesses, individuals, and governments are diligently working to provide enhanced protection for all types of data and systems. To accomplish this, they introduce new laws and regulations and frequently modify existing ones.

Regulatory compliance is in a constant state of flux, making it difficult for organizations to keep track and remain current. It necessitates financial and other resource expenditures and can divert attention away from core business operations. It is even more difficult for organizations with a multi-industry and multi-regional presence.

Wattlecorp eliminates this issue by providing comprehensive compliance consulting services in Dubai, UAE that assist businesses in establishing and maintaining a regulatory compliance mechanism. Additionally, we monitor the compliance system, keep track of new requirements, and ensure that organizations are never behind.


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Cyber Security Risk Consulting in UAE
Cyber Security Risk Compliance in UAE

Compliance Consulting Services in Dubai

Obtain professional insight into your compliance posture.

Wattlecorp provides a suite of scalable, adaptable, and flexible IT and Cyber Security compliance services in UAE that aid in the protection of vital data and the maintenance of business continuity. They consist of:


Our cybersecurity compliance team at UAE assists organizations in assessing their current compliance and identifying requirement gaps and operational proficiency. After identifying the deficiencies, we collaborate with your team to address them.


We assist businesses in comprehending the requirements and consequences of regulatory compliance laws, whether amended, new, or current. Our team collaborates with businesses to design and implement appropriate compliance technology solutions.

Testing And Rectification

As part of our efforts to help organizations maintain compliance, we guide them in the development and execution of tests, as well as the correction or enhancement of compliance-related procedures, policies, and controls.

Monitoring Compliance and Reporting

Continuous compliance monitoring is required. Utilizing data management and analytics tools, we guide organizations through the creation and execution of activities to monitor compliance and generate reports.

Why Wattlecorp?

We developed our Compliance Consulting services after speaking with a number of leading SaaS, Fintech, HealthTech, Startups, and application development companies the middle east and outside.

We Assist You in Meeting the Following Compliance Prerequisites

ISO 27001 Consulting Services

Through our ISO 27001 consulting services, we help organizations plan, develop, upgrade, and certify an effective and robust ISMS, or Information Security Management System. Our ISO specialists have extensive experience assisting businesses to obtain ISO certification in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our ISO 27001 consulting services include the implementation of the ISMS and a well-defined phased approach to service delivery to ensure ISO 27001 readiness.

ADHICS Compliance

The Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security Standard deals with health care institutions and services that operate within Abu Dhabi and are regulated by DOH. This regulation applies to any healthcare or medical institution, and any healthcare professional or support staff as long as they are able to access personal, insurance, and medical information of patients. We work with healthcare institutions to keep patient information secure, mitigating risks of data breach.

Aramco CCC

This program was instituted to make sure that all third parties working with Saudi Aramco comply with the cybersecurity regulations as set out in the SACS-002, or Third-Party Cybersecurity Standard. If you are part of their supply chain, you will need to make sure that you are in compliance with their security standards, and provide proof of it. Anybody wanting to do business with Aramco has to take the necessary steps to protect Saudi Aramco’s sensitive information and vital assets from cyber-attacks. At Wattlecorp we help you meet the extensive business critical requirements so that you are qualified for the CCC. This includes assessing your IT infrastructure, detecting any security issues and fixing them, submission of a report with proof and so on.

GDPR Compliance Services

Even though the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU law, it affects all businesses that collect and process the personal data of EU citizens. It addresses the protection of the privacy and personal information of EU citizens. Noncompliance can have significant financial, reputational, and legal consequences for businesses. Wattlecorp offers a comprehensive suite of GDPR assessment and data security consultation services to assist clients in remaining compliant and avoiding fines. Our approach enables customers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their compliance status and GDPR readiness.

ADSIC Compliance

The Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre (ADSIC) defines an all-inclusive approach to ensure maximum information security for the government of Abu Dhabi. The primary aim of this program is making sure that sensitive government information is safeguarded throughout its entire life, not just within government systems, but also automated systems wherever it is handled. Our team can help organizations prepare

PCI DSS Compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Numerous organizations adhere to this standard when collecting, storing, and using card information of customers to purchase goods and services. Our team has an in-depth understanding of PCI compliance and will work with your staff to ensure that your organization is compliant with PCI DSS, thereby protecting customer card data and your business.


Signals Intelligence Agency (SIA) formerly known as the The National Electronic Security Authority of the UAE (NESA), Is in charge of enhancing cyber security in the region. The Government of the UAE has tasked them with the protection of its communication and information infrastructure, following which SIA has defined the Information Assurance standards. These compliance requirements are applicable to all entities that provide crucial national services across sectors to ensure security. Wattlecorp’s team of SIA experts helps entities stay compliant with SIA / NESA regulatory requirements

SAMA Compliance

The Saudi Arabian Central Bank, known as the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, enacted regulations to protect online services and information assets. Every financial institution regulated by SAMA must comply with the Cyber Security Framework, starting with implementing a robust data protection mechanism. Wattlecorp SAMA compliance team is well-versed with the requirements and can help ensure you meet requirements of encryption, secure disposal of information assets, and more.

HIPAA Consulting Services

In the United States, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was enacted in 1996, and all healthcare institutions are required to implement its provisions. Its primary objective is to safeguard patients' medical and health information, improve health insurance portability, and enhance the health industry's overall efficiency. Our HIPAA consulting experts work closely with healthcare organizations to ensure that they are HIPAA-compliant and up-to-date.


Information Security Regulation are standards defined by the government in Dubai. The Smart Government requires all government entities to adhere to the requirements and controls as defined in the ISR so that they can keep the information accurate, accessible and confidential as desired. The main purpose is encouraging employees to adopt best practices with regard to information security. Our team of ISR experts works with organizations to ensure compliance with ISR standards and avoid penalties and other complications.

Protecting one’s organisation from the threat of cyberattacks has assumed utmost importance as cybercriminals become more inventive in their attack methods and scope. Phishing, ransomware, DNS spoofing, and other mischievous activities can cause severe harm to individuals and organizations. To combat these threats, governments and other regulatory authorities frequently issue new regulations. Cyber security compliance regulations are becoming increasingly stringent in the UAE. It can be challenging for organizations to comply with regulations that change frequently regardless of their industry or location. A competent cybersecurity strategic consultancy can aid in compliance maintenance, which provides the following advantages:

Advantages of Compliance Consulting
Budgeting for Cyber Security Consulting in UAE. 

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Your organization is vulnerable not only to cyberattacks but also to fines and penalties if it lacks watertight compliance. Cyberattacks can also result in significant monetary losses on their own. It is more prudent to spend a small amount to ensure compliance and save a substantial amount of money.

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Cyber security Compliance Consulting as a Service

We provide ongoing support and knowledge-sharing to guarantee your compliance with international regulations. In addition to identifying and addressing legal and regulatory compliance requirements, we assist in implementing an efficient compliance management procedure to prevent gaps.

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Cyber Risk & Compliance services help you in assessing your cyber risk, developing a strategic plan, and implementing security risk management and monitoring capabilities to support compliance.

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4)Understand Compliance Expertise.

Compliance and Regulations standards ensures that an organisation is taking appropriate measures to protect sensitive data, such as personal and financial information.

The major cyber security compliance standards are
NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
ISO 27001 and ISO 27002.

Meeting a compliance requirement helps a business in identifying, interpreting, and addressing cyber threats, as well as protecting intellectual property and gaining consumer trust and loyalty.

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