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A CIO (Chief Information Officer) is in charge of an organization’s information infrastructure. The CIO oversees IT operations as well as technology acquisition and implementation. In recent years, the CIO’s responsibilities have extended to include business planning, data management, and cybersecurity. A CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) is responsible for information security programmes such as cyber attack prevention, detection, and response. Depending on the organisation, they typically report to the CIO or the CEO. A CRO (Chief Risk Officer) evaluates hazards and creates risk-mitigation plans. They assess risks in a range of areas, including financial investments, the regulatory landscape, and cybersecurity. They will then develop risk mitigation methods such as business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans.


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A data security management and planning method enables a business to safeguard its data against threats. It also allows companies in reducing the risk of human error and insider threats, which continue to be major causes of data breaches.

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