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Security Architecture Review and Assessment Services In UAE, Dubai

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What is security architecture review?

Security architecture review helps to examine your firm’s cybersecurity policies, practices, and infrastructure. It is crucial to evaluate them due to various factors including the ever-evolving cyber risks, laws, and regulations, and to maintain the business integrity. The entire process is pretty big and a detailed report with recommendations on fixing the vulnerabilities found would be shared as the outcome of the assessment. Also, it helps to ensure the CIA triad of the information based on its nature to the end-users precisely.

Security Architecture Review and Assessment in uae
network security architecture review services in uae

Why conducting security architecture review is a must?

20% of the data breaches across the globe are due to security architecture (according to a 2023 report by IBM), which in number is pretty huge. Improper security architecture could lead to a multitude of attacks including injection attacks, remote code execution attacks, and MITM (Man-in-the-middle) attacks. Implementing it properly with an efficient security architecture review would not only help prevent the same but also detect and respond to cyber attacks, which took place by any chance. 


Identifying, classifying, and assessing the criticals and vulnerabilities associated with them.


Designing security architecture by defining the security requirements and security controls.


Implementing the selected controls and configuring them which meet the security requirements.


Conducting continuous and effective monitoring to defend from new threats.

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