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Understanding the need for SaaS Cyber security

In simple terms, Software as a Service are internet or cloud-based application that provides service to the user with no need for local installations. According to Statista reports, currently, there are around 30,000 SaaS organizations across the globe and the market is expected to reach 700 billion USD by 2030.


Along with such a huge market base, the vulnerabilities and cyberattacks associated with SaaS applications are also huge in number along with the data value and volume of the information stored in them.

saas cybersecurity company in usa
saas security company in usa

Why must you prioritize SaaS security?

Every SaaS application is built with various technologies and from a user organization perspective, they rely almost 70% of their daily business upon the SaaS applications. Along with this, since the applications are managed by various diverse departments, ensuring security might not be a consideration from a user standpoint, which leaves you with no choice but to ensure up-to-date security of the application you provide.


Along with all these, there are a multitude of regulatory compliances such as GDPR and PCI DSS that you must comply with when it comes to the global marketspace. And the best part is that securing your SaaS applications from threats is no longer a great deal for you with us.


Ensure only the authorized users are accessing the data, permissible to them.


Make it unreadable during storage, transmission, and processing using secure cryptographic algorithms.


Conduct continuous real-time monitoring for threats and contain incidents at the earliest.


Timely patches of dependencies and vulnerable code keeps your applications resilient to potential vulnerabilities.

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