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What is UAE IAR ?

With an aim to establish basic baseline parameters for safeguarding the organizations that handle the critical information, within the UAE region, the Information Assurance Regulation (IAR) was issued by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) of UAE in 2014. 

It is a risk-based framework which demands the firms to identify, assess and secure the critical assets. Information Assurance Regulation covers a wide range of information security subjects such as risk management, asset management, access control, incidence

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UAE Information Assurance (IA) Regulation

What are the requirements for UAE Information Assurance Standards

The UAE IAR requirements are primarily divided into 2 categories, which are management controls and technical controls.


Management controls help you to implement and maintain an Information Security Management System (ISMS) such as business continuity management, incidence response, infrastructure security, risk management, asset management, access control, and awareness training. 


Technical controls help you to secure necessary measures to protect information assets from unauthorized usage, alteration, disclosure, or disruption through network security, application security, data security, infrastructure security, and cryptographic controls.


TDRA demands entities to achieve and maintain compliance by performing regular ISMS audits and/or following international standards such as ISO/IEC 27001 to ensure cyber resilience and report incidents too


Our UAE Information Assurance Regulation Auditing service

End-to-End SAMA services that help you be in compliance and protect sensitive data.

Requirement Analysis

Our friendly team of security professionals will conduct a complete study based on your requirements, along with an analysis of the latest regulatory environment and industry standards.

UAE IAR gap assessment

Our UAE IA Regulation specialized compliance audit team checks your organization’s current information security posture based on the regulatory standard by TDRA.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Potential vulnerabilities and threats which would affect your organization are unveiled, by developing proper mitigation strategies.

Compliance Remediation

Necessary actions are taken to remediate the found vulnerabilities and to establish compliance with regulations.

UAE IAR Policies & Procedures

Our UAE IA Regulation experts draft security policies to ensure data safety and compliance.

Compliance implementation review

Our commitment never ends. Our team conducts periodic compliance assessments to find issues in your application.

Technology implementation

Expert assistance and guidance on technical security control implementation for your team.

Awareness training

Security starts with people. Our most humane and lovely set of people provides security training on UAE IA Regulation best practices for your employees.

NESA UAE Information Assurance Standards

Why you need UAE IA Regulation

Being in compliance with UAE Information Assurance Regulation primarily helps you to protect personal data of the people, protect country’s critical infrastructure such as the energy, transportation, finance, and healthcare; having devastating impacts on the economy and national security, to maintain business trust and reputation and to be in compliance with the international standards.

Also, being in compliance with the regulations provides a competitive advantage and reduces the cyberattacks and data breaches.

Adherence to UAE legal regulations

Being UAE IA Regulation a legal requirement in the UAE region, the failure to comply would result in severe legal actions, penalties, and even loss of licenses.

Enhanced market credibility

Being secure from the ever-evolving threat landscape by being compliant with legal regulations helps to boost the reputation and credibility of the organization.

Clear and standardized operation

UAE IA regulation helps to define better operational procedures for more efficient and effective functioning of the organization.

Dubai Information Security Regulation

Challenges Faced for UAE Information Assurance Auditing Process

The most common issues and challenges faced while working with IAR Audit Services

Along with being an exhaustive requirement list, the UAE Information Assurance Regulation (IAR) is strictly applicable to all government organizations and critical infrastructure providers in the region. 

Complying with it is challenging due to a multitude of reasons such as many of the organizations relying on vulnerable legacy systems, security owned by different executives, complex information technology and operational technology implementations.

Also, the limitations in resources and expertise, and strict time constraints due to government inspections in a shorter window of time add more challenges to it.

Why Choose Wattlecorp for UAE IA Regulation Auditing

Budgeting for UAE Information Assurance Regulation Auditing service

We offer tailored service, so here is our pricing for you. The cost will be based on the scope of the audit, the time required, and the size of the application or organization, which strictly ensures ultimate quality in every minute step we take.

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Government agencies, Financial institutions, healthcare providers, telecommunication companies and critical infrastructure operators.

Complying with UAE IA regulation helps you to implement a comprehensive information security program, conduct regular vulnerability assessment towards better security resilience, and helps to reflect the security-consciousness to the customers and prospects.

The main purpose of UAE IA regulation is to secure the personal data, critical infrastructure and to implement and ensure proper security controls for technologies.


As per the regulatory guidelines, if you are relying on third-party vendors and cloud service providers, they should also be compliant with information security regulations and you must verify the same to ensure security.

Up to $5 million in fine for failure to implement risk assessment or to safeguard personal data or failure to respond timely to the incidents. Also, with administrative fines it would also cost you criminal penalties and even the suspension of licenses owned by your firm along with the business integrity.

The guidance issued by Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority(TDRA) are – what constitutes sensitive information, how to conduct a risk assessment, how to implement access control measures, and how to respond to cyber incidents

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