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Office 365 Security And Compliance Services In UAE

Ensure your everyday office productivity suite is secure from data loss

What is Office 365 Security

Microsoft Office 365 is the most widely used productivity tool suite across millions of companies across the globe. Even though they have state-of-the-art security in hand and promise an impossible-to-breach statement, it is a widely known fact that no systems are hundred percent secure. Some of the cyber risks affecting Office 365 are due to improper email encryptions, misconfigured security policies, and improper access controls.

office 365 security services
office 365 compliances

Benefits of Office 365 Security service

With our service, you will be able to ensure your Office 365 services will not introduce cyber risks to your business. Our expert team helps you review, manage, and maintain the privacy of your business easing the burden of your IT team; to focus more on core business tasks. 

Essential security policies, controls, and threat monitoring will be configured along with making the employees aware to prevent security risks including data loss, information protection and access controls, and management. Adherence to various compliance will also be strictly monitored and ensured to help you expand your business across the globe.


Effective communication is the key to gaining a clear picture of your demands and for you to understand what more we can do to secure your business from cyber risks.


Both the existing and possible security threats related to the Office 365 products shall be evaluated to determine the current security posture of your business.


Once they are assessed, the threats must be tested to find its impact on your business and its occurrence.

Report and retest

Prevention and mitigation are your two mantras to secure your business from cyber risks and incidents. An insightful report with suggestions on fixing the found issues shall be shared with your team, with end-to-end support to patch those risks.

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