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What is DevSecOps ?

DevSecOps is the acronym or the combination of development, security, and operations. These are basically the fundamental roles and responsibilities in building secure applications.

Development is simply the process of planning, designing, building, and testing the code part. Security is the part where the application is checked for vulnerabilities and ensured threats are fixed way ahead of the release phase.

DevSecOps integrates security at every phase of the application development process. This is done by utilizing right tools and processes with active collaboration among the developers, security experts, and operation teams towards building better and secure application along with fostering a sense of security as a shared resilience among all.

Benefits of implementing DevSecOps ?

Application development is indeed a tedious process. And hence ensuring security within. Opting DevSecOps helps find and fix vulnerabilities earlier in the process which helps reduce the cost, time, and labor tremendously. Also, earlier integration helps to avoid later-stage vulnerability detection and fixation charges.

Being in compliance with stringent data security and privacy regulations at ease is yet another benefit of DevSecOps.

And with ensuring high-grade code quality in application helps greatly to build customer and stakeholder trust while keeping the reputation, at the same time when data breaches have become more frequent than ever.

  • Better security
  • Faster application release cycles
  • Better collaboration among teams
  • Compliance to global security standards
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Faster decision-making
  • Efficient feedback loop

Challenges in Implementing DevSecOps Services

While DevSecOps can help your organization in many ways, there are some challenges associated with putting it into practice. Several factors contribute to this, such as insufficient security assurance at both the project and company levels, organizational obstacles related to tooling, collaboration, and culture.

The effect on quality when security is not given priority despite the increasing complexity of systems, the lack of security proficiency among developers, business stakeholders, and auditors.

The provision of inadequate security guidance due to low standards, data, and resources. Also, the reluctance of the team to transition from used to habits in development and getting them trained to the changes would be harder for you. In the implementation perspective, DevSecOps is too much time and resource consuming which in turn become a burden.

Our DevSecOps Services In UAE

DevSecOps assessment

Implementing this helps your business to determine to what extent your currently implemented processes meet the industry standards and realize the returns of investments in the security part. It involves key practices that bring the developers, security professionals, and the operation team to work synchronously toward delivering high-quality output updated in each iteration.

Security posture and policy as a code

Policy as Code strengthens the organization’s security posture by automating the enforcement of policies as code. Human-written policies about resources, vulnerability assessment, and access control are translated into programs. It helps improve resilience while reducing the errors and misconfigurations in the applications.

Container security

Container security protects applications developed with containerization technology from development to runtime. It's a thorough approach that secures the infrastructure and registry as well as the entire container environment through runtime monitoring, network segmentation, configuration management, vulnerability assessment, and access control.

Security product deployment

It is the process in which an organization's IT infrastructure can be securely integrated with security technologies by deploying security products. Planning, configuration by security best practices, precise implementation of automation, thorough testing, and continuous maintenance are all necessary to guarantee effectiveness to changing threats.

Application and infrastructure automation

Repeatable processes are automated using precise software that helps reduce human intervention, thereby optimizing the time and resource utilization. Application automation manages and deploys the software products using Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. In comparison, infrastructure automation automates the IT infrastructures such as servers, networks, and databases.

Change management

It is the systematic approach to dealing with changes in the development lifecycle. The configurations and infrastructures relating to the modifications are controlled in this process. This helps minimize the risk while creating a systematic approach towards dealing with the updations in the developmental processes.

Security Integration

Get your application version releases automated with an added layer of security. Ensure your agile application development workflow is secure in each stage and for each version release. Catch issues earlier in the development process towards faster and more efficient issue resolution and reduce remediation cost and effort.

Code analysis

Security experts review application source code with a sharp eye for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to help you release better quality and secure applications. Code analysis helps uncover vulnerabilities early on and patch them up before any harm is done. It acts as an extra layer of assurance and helps strengthen the overall security posture of the code.

Vulnerability Assessment

Get a surface-level report about the vulnerabilities present in your application and infrastructure towards securing your business from intrusions. Ensure global security standards in detecting these threats to ensure no vulnerabilities are left unattended.

Compliance assistance

Your organization's systems, processes, and controls are evaluated to meet the requirements set forth by specific regulations or industry standards. It helps to ensure your security practices are defined and functioning properly.

Employee training

Making your team aware of the possible threats and their impact is the only way to ensure maximum security of the application and the business itself. Get your employees exposed to modern cyberattack tactics, techniques, and procedures from the industry leaders in cybersecurity.

Why Wattlecorp’s as your DevSecOps Consulting Company ?

Budgeting for DevSecOps Consulting

Budgeting for DevSecOps is as hectic as needed for an efficient business operational functioning working in the technology space. Rather than being a mere technology investment, it is more of a strategic one. It brings a paradigm shift in the way your organization looks at ensuring security while promoting a greater culture of shared responsibility. Costing can vary widely based on several factors such as scope, complexity, resource allocation, etc. Also, it is worth noting that opting for seasoned professional service is far better than the cheapest solution.

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DevSecOps as a Service

Wattlecorp provides DevSecOps as a service to customers who are conscious and in need of ensuring security to their business towards a greater future. It helps you to leverage the expertise of security professionals with a proven track record of securing many companies across the globe, without the need to find, build, and maintain an in-house team. By outsourcing DevSecOps to a trusted partner, you can prioritize the focus on the core business functions without the need to anticipate the security aspects.

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DevSecOps service helps enhance the application development lifecycle primarily by shifting security to the left, which aids in early vulnerability detection. Implementing checks in the CI/CD pipeline and monitoring for threats continuously.

The right integration of security as the intermediary to the application development and operation processes helps in fostering continuous collaboration and communication among the teams that make security a shared responsibility within the organization. Therefore securing your applications and their assets can be balanced with speed and agility in the development process.

Rather than giving primary consideration to the pricing for the DevSecOps service, experts always suggest prioritizing the expertise put forth by the service provider and then the track records and the experience of the professionals within.


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