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Breach and Attack Simulation Services

Get to know in detail of the impact of each threat on your business in the UAE toward end-to-end threat resilience

What is Threat Simulations service ?

Threat simulation aka breach and attack simulation (BAS) is the technique of emulating real-time attack scenarios to determine and enhance your organization’s security posture. It consists of identifying the vulnerabilities in your assets, infrastructure, and network, assessing the defense strategies, and understanding its immunity to various attacks.

TTPs (tools, tactics, and, procedures) used by bad actors are utilized in this process. Threat simulation attacks are usually conducted by purple team, which is the collaboration of defensive and offensive security teams.

managed cyber security operation centre services (soc)

Benefits of Breach and Attack Simulation Service

Threat simulation primarily helps to assess the effectiveness of the existing security measures and provides insights on enhancing the current security posture. Also, it helps foster a security awareness culture in the organization, meets compliance requirements, and helps your organization follow industry standards and regulations.

Planning and preparation

The scope of the threat simulation that covers the detailing of the systems about to be tested, threats to be simulated, and the process is defined as the preliminary step. Tools such as network scanners and VAPT tools are used in this phase..

Designing threat simulation

Threat simulation scenarios are designed as the next stage which involves simulating attacks like phishing, malware threats, or DoS based on the asset. It will be based on and relevant to the business context, which would also include criteria for success for each scenario.

Executing simulation

The planned threat simulations are executed in a controlled manner to determine and prevent actual damage to the organization’s assets and systems. Each step and outcome are monitored constantly to understand how it responds.

Analysis and reporting

A detailed report of the simulation is created and shared which contains exploited vulnerabilities, the effectiveness of the defense strategies and systems, and the impacts.


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