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Cyber Security Strategic Consulting

Only a hacker could tell you how to hack a system; imagine a group of hackers preparing a kit to communicate all the potential problems that could occur with a digital asset. Our consulting services accomplish precisely this; we compile a kit containing the information you need to build a security structure to safeguard your digital assets, thereby protecting your resources and money. Perfect for NESA (SIA), ISR, ISO 27001, ADSIC, ADHICS and PCI DSS.

Our consulting team sitting at UAE office can prepare a world-class report by analysing all angles of your business to create an impregnable security consulting kit. Protecting the most valuable online assets requires a brilliant strategy and effective consultation for every business with digital assets.


Brilliant long-term strategies developed by brilliantly skilled hackers.


Guidance in protecting each and every bit of data and assets.


From small to large, we have options for everyone.

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Because if you need a business strategy to grow your business consistently, you need a security strategy to protect your business consistently.

Never, it totally depends on the hours we need to work. 

Yes. We help companies to analyse and build security strategies from scratch. We are already providing this service to couple of our UAE based clients. 

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