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Social Engineering Testing & Consulting Services In UAE

Fortify your employees even against the strongest deceptions

What is Social Engineering ?

Social engineering is a typical attack vector used by hackers to breach an organization’s security posture. In layman’s terms, it is the practice of using psychological manipulation to fool people into disclosing sensitive information and doing harmful acts, such as opening infected attachments through emails, messages, or calls.

Social engineering testing can assist in addressing awareness and education on the newest phishing trends through repeatable procedures that guarantee workers tag, report, and avoid falling prey to emails from bad actors.

social engineering consulting
social engineering testing

Benefits of social engineering testing ?

Employees are more likely to take security advice seriously if they are often subjected to simulated social engineering assaults. It also allows you to focus on particular areas of weakness and prioritize your reaction.

A social engineering assessment helps you prioritize certain network security solutions. It also provides comprehensive reports and pertinent recommendations for enhanced cybersecurity. One of them is network segmentation, as is improving your incident response approach.

Your clients, employees, and stakeholders are more inclined to conduct business with you if they trust you. They know you take security seriously, which makes their contacts with your company more secure by extension.


Your team's decision-makers and our security specialists meet for the first time to discuss your needs and expectations, as well as the limitations of your asset or application.


Analyze significant corporate and employee information that might be utilized to target your organization and cause damage


Our specialists meticulously design social engineering tests, leveraging their expertise in the latest strategies, to ensure that it is as authentic as possible and have the highest chance of accomplishing their objectives.


We conduct the social engineering test and, if required, impersonate any compromised users in order to escalate network privileges and make fraudulent requests, such as those used in distribution fraud and business email compromise attacks.

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