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AWS Server Hardening Services

Strengthen your AWS cloud fortress toward a better security posture

What is cloud server hardening for AWS

Server hardening is the process of minimizing the attack surface of a server to make it less vulnerable to external attacks. AWS, aka Amazon Web Services the infamous cloud computing service, that enables users and companies to access virtual computing resources, eliminating the need for enormous hardware in the organization. 


Due to the utility of this service, the implementation of service in more number of organizations. This has resulted in the constant evolution of threats infecting the AWS cloud services. It can be done with the use of a proper information security management system (ISMS), quantifying the assets based on their nature, and implementing shared responsibility practices.

cloud aws server hardening security services
aws server hardening services

Benefits of cloud server hardening for AWS

Implementing proper measures toward hardening the cloud server helps to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. It also helps to ensure compliance with regulations and standards towards better business expansion to the global market and better integrity of the user. Also, this comes with the benefits of end-to-end security, and data protection, while optimizing both the technical and cost resources

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Refining the existing Identity and Access Management policies helps to ensure the least privilege. This helps in limiting the user permissions to necessary roles and conducting audits regularly.

Secure and encrypt

Virtual private cloud settings will be configured which consist of network ACLs and security groups monitoring the incoming and outgoing traffic. Proper segregation of Internet access will be done. Encryption of data at all stages along with encryption key and certificate rotation shall be ensured.

Vulnerability Management

All software and operating systems shall ensured to be of the latest security patch, by utilizing AWS system manager and AWS inspector services. Regular vulnerability scans and mitigations shall be conducted toward minimizing the attack surface.

Patch Management and System updates

A watertight patch management process towards ensuring regular security patches to all the AWS services shall be implemented.

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