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What Is DORA

The Digital Operational Resilience Act is an upcoming regulation under the EU region to ensure cybersecurity resilience in the financial business sector. Also, it is a risk management framework for comprehensive information and communication technology (ICT).


Experts suggest that it is better to start adopting the same (if you are into the financial sector), even though, currently, it is in its draft form. Notably, DORA emphasizes total remediation of vulnerabilities, including the low or medium-rated ones.

digital operationa Resilience act ( dora ) compliance services
dora compliance consulting services

Objectives of DORA compliance

Obtain professional insight into your compliance posture.

Being compliant with the Digital Operational Resilience Act simply means that your organization in the financial services sector is secure from all kinds of vulnerabilities.

With the same, it also helps to implement safe and sound risk management processes, which helps to find vulnerabilities and implement appropriate controls and regulations to prevent risks.


Wattlecorp assesses the security posture to identify the vulnerabilities, even from the root level


A comprehensive and insightful vulnerability report is curated to help you understand and fix a secure application.


Consistent assessment is the key to security. Our team helps you monitor proactively for new vulnerabilities.

We Assist You in Meeting the DORA Compliance Prerequisites

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Cyber Risk & Compliance services help you in assessing your cyber risk, developing a strategic plan, and implementing security risk management and monitoring capabilities to support compliance.

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Compliance and Regulations standards ensures that an organisation is taking appropriate measures to protect sensitive data, such as personal and financial information.

The major cyber security compliance standards are
NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
ISO 27001 and ISO 27002.

Meeting a compliance requirement helps a business in identifying, interpreting, and addressing cyber threats, as well as protecting intellectual property and gaining consumer trust and loyalty.

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