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Best Penetration Testing Services in Saudi Arabia

VAPT (Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing) is one of our most popular cyber security services in Saudi Arabia, designed to remove any possible vulnerabilities in your system. Over the years, we have worked with many businesses in the Saudi Arabia to help them strengthen their cybersecurity through our comprehensive penetration testing services. 

Penetration testing has become the most fundamental aspect of cyber security, and is often required by businesses in the Saudi Arabia. Our team has received commendations from Fortune 500 companies such as Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, and Walmart for successfully penetrating and securing their systems through their bug bounty programs.

We’ll perform comprehensive testing on your systems and applications to help you meet different cybersecurity compliances in Saudi Arabia such as SAMA , Aramco CCC etc to keep your business safe and free from risks. 


Our hackers thoroughly investigate your system to find vulnerabilities.


We use industry-standard tools to uncover even the worst security flaws.


Obtain a report on penetration testing that is written in everyday language.

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VAPT Services


No more space for black-hat hackers.

Web application security assessment

Analysing all the corners of a web application to ensure safety.

Network security assessment

Ensuring safety at network levels without compromising.

Mobile application security

Mobile applications deep testing to avoid loop holes that matter.

API Security Assessment

Communications needs to be secure, even if its API.

Annual Security Program

Advanced Security Penetration Testing as a Service.

Secure code

Code can be written in any style, we do have a secure style.

ASV Scan

ASV Stands for Approved Scanning Vendor and used for PCI DSS Certification.

IOT Security

Not letting the lights turn on without action needs attention.

WordPress security audit & assessment

WordPress might not be the most secure, but we make it secure.

Cloud application security assessment

Cloud is not the limit, ensuring correct security is the limit.

Wireless penetration testing

Safer wirless networks are nothing but mandatory security.

Security architecture review

Architecture needs security review, we ensure that.

Managed threat hunting

Find threats even before they plan to execute it to the systems.

Device security audit & assessment

Device is a one shot game, make it as secure as it gets.

Red teaming

Understand attacks and ensure 360 degree protection for your digital assets

OT security assessments

360 Degree security assessment by professional hackers.

Purpleteam assessment

Red and Blue team, both at work making it look purple.

ERP Security Audit

Sensitive business information is even more secure with Wattlecorp.

Email security audit

Emails reach the right receipient, the right way, safe and secure.


Data systems safer than ever, we ensure 360 degree coverage.

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We help companies in Saudi Arabia to protect their online assets.

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strategic consulting

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360 Degree security coverage guaranteed.


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