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Deep into your Systems With Expert Penetration Testing Services

Towards safe business with our all-round penetration testing from Wattlecorp. Penetration testing helps greatly to be proactive in threat resilience and ensuring compliance with global data privacy regulations and standards.

Best Penetration Testing Services in Saudi Arabia

VAPT (Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing) is one of our most popular cyber security services in Saudi Arabia, designed to remove any possible vulnerabilities in your system. Over the years, we have worked with many businesses in the Saudi Arabia to help them strengthen their cybersecurity through our comprehensive penetration testing services. 

Penetration testing has become the most fundamental aspect of cyber security, and is often required by businesses in the Saudi Arabia. Our team has received commendations from Fortune 500 companies such as Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, and Walmart for successfully penetrating and securing their systems through their bug bounty programs.

We’ll perform comprehensive testing on your systems and applications to help you meet different cybersecurity compliances in Saudi Arabia such as SAMA , Aramco CCC etc to keep your business safe and free from risks. 


Our hackers thoroughly investigate your system to find vulnerabilities.


We use industry-standard tools to uncover even the worst security flaws.


Obtain a report on penetration testing that is written in everyday language.

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VAPT Services


No more space for black-hat hackers.

Web application security assessment

Analysing all the corners of a web application to ensure safety.

Network security assessment

Ensuring safety at network levels without compromising.

Mobile application security

Mobile applications deep testing to avoid loop holes that matter.

API Security Assessment

Communications needs to be secure, even if its API.

Annual Security Program

Get your business penetration tested every year with our subscription.

Secure code

Foster a culture of secure software products from its initial release itself.

ASV Scan

Smoother PCI DSS certification with the help of authorized experts.

IOT Security

Secure internet-connected devices from modern threats.

WordPress security audit & assessment

Secure WordPress applications from ever-evolving threats.

Cloud application security assessment

Prevent cyber attacks on your cloud application and the data stored within.

Wireless penetration testing

Safeguard wireless devices and infrastructure from breach attempts.

Security architecture review

Determine, assess, and reduce risks to fortify an organization's defenses against known and unknown threats.

Managed threat hunting

Find and fix vulnerabilities that get past security measures across networks and endpoints.

Device security audit & assessment

Analyze every piece of hardware and network in your business. Also, finds weaknesses in the technological systems used.

Red teaming

Examine plans, policies, processes, and presumptions with rigor by using an adversarial strategy through an external party hired or an in-house team using strategies simulating an external attack

OT security assessments

Secure OT systems from incidents due to disruptions along with assurance of compliance standards.

Purpleteam assessment

Blue and red teams collaborate to assess how data breaches could happen within your business.

ERP Security

Secure the enterprise resource planning systems to assess and remediate issues.

Email security

Secure the email gateways, authorization processes, and encryption techniques used.


Protect supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks from intrusions

Our Strategy For Penetration Testing

In the Saudi Arabian cybersecurity services market, our method stands out for its effective combination of advanced technology and human resources, which ensures expert penetration testing solutions for all businesses.

The comprehensive analysis approach helps to find significant mistakes and misconfigurations. The amount of false positives in reports is reduced through the appropriate application of manual and automated penetration testing procedures; human verification is then employed to optimize accuracy.

Our Penetration Testing Service Deliverables

Insightful report

Penetration test report comprising of vulnerability, impact, and its remediation suggestion shall be shared and tailored according to your requirements

Employee training

Raising awareness among the employees helps your business to ensure the highest possible threat resilience. Our experts help deliver the right training tailored according to your business needs.

Complimentary retesting

Our team will conduct a retest once your team makes the necessary fixes as per the penetration test outcome to guarantee the system and application security and to make sure all your efforts are worth the effort and investment.

Expert assistance

Entrust the security resilience of your business and the digital infrastructure with our experts who helped many Fortune 500 companies to be secure.

Continued support

We believe in the philosophy of fraternity with all our clients. Securing your business from modern threats will be our mission.

Why Wattlecorp as your partner for penetration testing ?

Budgeting For Penetration Testing

Penetration tests might cost between 20000 SR to 40000 SR . The cost is determined by the complexity of the project and the client’s requirements. Depending on the scope of the penetration test, you may discover in-depth flaws in your IT infrastructure that help you comply with various data privacy standards.

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Penetration Testing as a Service

We are continuously devoted to protecting your business and applications against malicious attackers. Wattlecorp's subscription-based penetration testing service is meant to help you save financial resources, whether you're a startup seeking for your first investment in security or an established organization looking to decrease your ongoing testing expenditures. You can pick between a one-time, monthly, or annual membership fee, as well as limitless testing.

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How Penetration Testing Helps Your Business

Penetration testing is fundamentally being proactive in finding and fixing the vulnerabilities in your IT and infrastructure systems towards preventing a forth-coming attack by a bad actor. It helps your business to:

  • Secure assets and networks
  • Ensure data privacy 
  • Maintain customer trust
  • Gain leverage in the current digital landscape
The Impact We Delivered For Our Clients
  • 200,000+ vulnerabilities detected and fixed
  • 500,000+ assets secured
  • $10+ billion saved for clients from compliance fines

Bespoke Solutions Protecting Businesses Across Different Industries

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We help companies in Saudi Arabia to protect their online assets.

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