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Secure Source Code Review Services In Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Securing your applications by finding vulnerabilities in the codebase proactively

What is Secure Source Code Review ?

Secure Source code review is the process of looking for vulnerabilities in your source code that might be exploited by an attacker that helps to get access to your application.

Executing it proactively enhances the overall security posture of your applications and exposes poor security coding practices.

Finding bugs, security holes, and performance problems early in the development cycle will help prevent them from becoming more complicated and costly. The software application’s design, documentation, and code are usually examined as part of the process. Even though the reviewer may utilize automated approaches to help find potential defects, a manual review is still required to ensure that the code fits the project’s specific requirements and design objectives

Secure Source Code Review services in uae and dubai
source code audit and review services in uae and dubai

Benefits of conducting source code review services

Source code review services are helpful for finding and fixing vulnerabilities that an attacker might exploit, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, or other code-level flaws. The early detection of vulnerable code blocks is less costly to fix and also it helps in maintaining the industry coding standards. This not only builds the stakeholder confidence but also the user’s trust in the application and your UAE business.

Defining the objective

The goals and objectives of the code review process are done by the experts.


Primary evaluation of the network-related threat will be performed at this stage, which uncovers surface vulnerabilities.


The findings are documented, which consist of the vulnerable code blocks and expert remediation suggestions.


The vulnerabilities found are fixed by your team with expert assistance from our team and the entire process is conducted again till the application is secure.

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