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Our team will understand your business from multiple angles to bring down a plan that works for long term with absolute feasibility.

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Our expert hackers can easily explain the potential common issues that could occur in an application in various niches. They talk in layman language.


At Wattlecorp, we don't scare our clients. We talk to them what's real and what needs to be done, so that we could join them on a long drive to safety.

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Security Consulting, Now Free.

Get a 100% free cyber security consulting for your startup from professional hackers and cyber security strategists. 


Our consulting process is built with complex checklists to understand your business and security at its core depths.


Our professional team of hackers and strategists can confidentally explain the potential problems that could occur in your system.


Not just a single solution, we could offer multiple feasible solutions, so that your brand goals are met without comprimising.

Price factor

100% Free. 100% Clear.

We provide 100% free consultation for limited time period to ensure misuse of our consulting services. Our team is excited to see oppurtunities in making your application safe and our committment towards making it happen is always on. 

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