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Personal Data Protection Law In Saudi Arabia

Towards securing your business, from more than data breaches

What is a Data Protection Service ?

Data privacy is a guideline for how sensitive and important data should be obtained and managed. Financial information, medical records, social security or ID numbers, names, birthdates, and contact information can be examples of sensitive data handled in your organization

Benefits of Our Personal Data Protection Services in Saudi Arabia

Data privacy ensures that sensitive information is only available to authorized parties. It keeps criminals from using data maliciously and assists enterprises in meeting regulatory obligations.


Data privacy service by Wattlecorp assists your business in Saudi Arabia with safeguarding all sensitive information handled by your corporation, including that of customers, shareholders, and workers. This information is frequently critical in corporate operations, development, and financing.

Reconnaissance & Scoping

Let's define what assets your business handles and where it is stored before we can safeguard them. This approach, known as data discovery, is crucial for discovering sensitive information and determining the best means for safeguarding it.

Vulnerability Assessment and Scanning

Test and maintain your procedures regularly to ensure the efficacy of your application and business security architecture. This may include tabletop exercises or threat simulations, as well as upgrading your plan when new technologies or dangers arise.

Data Breach Simulation & Exploitation

Breach and attack simulation assist firms in staying one step ahead of cyber threats. Companies may discover vulnerabilities, prioritize remedial activities, and enhance their threat detection and mitigation capabilities.

Reporting and Remediation

Assessment reports tailored to different stakeholders, including as CEOs, SOC teams, and auditors. These reports should include real-time parameters like overall security score, detection rate, log collecting, detection, and prevention.


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