Wattlecorp Security Suite

Cyber Risk Quantifying Platform.

We’ve designed an all-inclusive solution to understand and manage your cyber security risks to achieve cyber resilience.


We’ve built a suite that simplifies your security understanding.


Replete with people, process, and technology touch points

Security Suite

Wattlecorp Security Suite is a comprehensive solution for securing and streamlining your company’s information security posture.

Stay Safe.

Yes, it’s a cloud based solution . 

Comprehensive Cyber Risk Visibility

Know what's going on with your entire cyber security plot.

Automated Vulnerability Scanner

Wattlecorp's powerful security engine will serve as your first layer of security management

Penetration testing mangement

Streamline and consolidate internal and external penetration testing with our centrally managed penetration testing platform.

Human Risk Management

Simulations of cyber attacks and Machine Learning-based targeted training

Compliance Management

Manage your Cyber security compliance through Wattlecorp security suite.

Threat Intelligence Platform

Collect, analyse, and organise threat intelligence data from numerous sources to prioritise based on your environment.


Reduce human errors and blind spots with automation and monitoring.


Security Suite

Wattlecorp Security Suite is an all-inclusive cybersecurity quantification solution that segregates your complete cyber risk, allowing you to better comprehend your cyber security posture with help of Machine Learning.

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