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What is WordPress Security testing

WordPress is one of the most simplest and popular content management systems (CMS), which helps to develop and deploy websites with ease, with the least programming knowledge. Due to its simplicity, nearly half of all the websites on the web are made out of WordPress. With its growth in building the web, WordPress also became a favorite target of cybercriminals due to the greater number of attack vectors and threats present in it. The vulnerabilities are of high volume in the WordPress’ huge list of plugins, themes, and extensibility, compared to the core platform itself. 

WordPress security is not just merely about risk elimination, but more a risk reduction. With proper WordPress security testing, you can pinpoint issues such as outdated vulnerabilities, nulled plugins, improper credential management, etc. 

wordpress penetration testing uae
wordpress security testing services uae

Benefits of WordPress Penetration testing

Primarily it helps to identify the vulnerabilities towards mitigate them at the earliest, prior to being found by the bad actor towards catastrophes. With a comprehensive and effective WordPress security audit, you will be able to find where the website is weak precisely, towards strengthening them with proper mitigation methods. 

Also, the modern and security-aware customer expects by default to be secured from threats and it is also a matter of maintaining the integrity. Lack of security also would result in hefty fines from legal and regulatory authorities, which also come based on various industries such as healthcare, legal, and finance.


Everything starts with communication towards defining the requirements and how we can make your website more secure and better.


Data about the WordPress website and all the related details would be gathered using expert guidelines and a set of practices, not causing much harm to the website as in a real hack.


Evaluation of the most common, possible, and emerging vulnerabilities will be identified through systematic vulnerability testing.


The detected vulnerabilities will be tested to find their impact and their occurrence. The penetration testing will conclude with a comprehensive report which will contain tailored insights on mitigation.

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