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Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA)

Expert and hassle-free cloud security assessment

What is CASA ?

The Cloud Application Security Assessment framework by Google helps companies standardize securing their cloud assets and infrastructure for a highly safe and secure business. It helps to evaluate the configuration weaknesses and the potential threats that left undetected could cause catastrophes. The CASA framework contains processes, controls, and policies for protecting cloud applications and data of the cloud environment more effectively.

CASA- Cloud Application Security Assessment
Cloud Application Security Assessment In UAE, dubai

Benefits of Conducting CASA Assessment

CASA’s major aim is to promote the flexibility and inclusivity of cloud-to-cloud interfaces while also boosting customer data security. Securing cloud apps and associated infrastructure will significantly decrease common risks while enhancing user trust in the end products and services.

Policy review

Effective policies and procedures help to ensure the efficient security of any cloud platform. They will be reviewed to ensure compliance with the security requirements of the organization as well as the certifying body. Identifying gaps helps to understand where precisely you should give focused security effort.

Configuration analysis

Check for proper security including the firewall rules, permissions, access controls, and other settings of the cloud environment will be conducted. This helps to secure your business from unauthorized access and data breaches.

Penetration testing

Potential security risks and vulnerabilities shall be uncovered which not only improve the overall security posture but also ensure and improve compliance with data security regulations.


A tailored report which contains all the findings and methodologies in the test will be shared with you.

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