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What is the ISO 27001 Standard?

The ISO framework is a collection of policies and processes regarding information security, that organizations need to follow. The ISO 27001 specifically, provides guidelines to organizations regardless of size, industry or whether for profit or not, for protecting their data systematically and economically by adopting an ISMS or Information Security Management System. It defines the manner in which businesses should handle the risks related to data security threats

At Wattlecorp Dubai, we assist our customers in developing a watertight ISMS, and in getting ISO 27001 certified with our intensive security audits and document preparation. Our in-depth experience in the arena allows us to help companies get ISO 27001 certified in the UAE and by implementing robust control measures to protect data, and to help streamline compliance with current and possible future regulations.

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iso 27001 compliance consultancy services in dubai and uae

What is the ISO 27001 Certification?

It is an international recognition for the ISMS or Information Security Management System of an organization and conveys that its sensitive data and information assets are secure.

Obtaining an ISO 27001 standard conveys that the organization is a reputable and high-quality one, which adheres to the highest cyber security practices. It can prove to both partners and customers, that the organization is serious about safeguarding their data. Whether you want to achieve or maintain the ISO 27001 certification, the ISO experts at Wattlecorp UAE will guide you every step of the way. The current standard is ISO 27001:2013.

Importance of ISO 27001 in the UAE

The UAE is very strict about data security and cybersecurity compliance to regulations; when it comes to information technology, the UAE has several regulations that companies have to comply with.

ISO 27001 is a global standard with high requirements; so, if you are certified ISO 27001, it increases the confidence of customers, vendors, and government authorities, and conveys that your business is of international standards. The ISO 27001 certification is the most preferred certification standard by organizations cutting across sectors in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.

What are the Standard Goals of ISO 27001?


the right to access information should only be given to authorized persons


the information can be edited only by authorized persons


the authorized persons should be able to access the information whenever they need.

ISO 27001 Audit & Certication in UAE

Benefits of ISO 27001 Audit

Maintain compliance with rules and regulations

The regulatory framework regarding information security is a dynamic organism, with newer and more stringent laws being brought into force frequently. Fortunately, you can ensure compliance with most of those regulations by getting your ISO 27001 certification in Dubai. It offers the optimal means and tools to comply with them.

Enhanced Organization

Companies on the growth curve often cannot spare the time to set and define their processes, and this can leave employees floundering. By implementing ISO 27001, this issue can be addressed, as companies need to note down their major processes, regardless of whether they are related to security. This way, everyone will know what is expected of them, and when.

Gain a competitive Edge

Your organization will come across as the more reliable one in consumer minds if you are ISO 27001 certified and your competitors are not. The certification tells them that you are serious about safeguarding their information.

Save money

At its core, the ISO 27001 standard is about ensuring that no security breach takes place. Big or small, every incident costs money; by thwarting these incidents your organization can save money significantly – even when you account for the expenditure incurred in implementing the standard.

How ISO 27001 Works

The ISO 27001 standard focuses on safeguarding the information in a company and ensures that it stays confidential, accessible and truthful.

This is done by:

  • Conducting a risk assessment to identify the potential problems that the information may face
  • Risk mitigation or treatment where we describe what must be done to avert security incidents from happening.

Two Parts of the Standard

The first part comprises 11 clauses (0 -10; from 0 to 3 they contain the introduction, terms, scope, definitions references. From clause 4 to 10, it lists the mandatory requirements for organizations that want to comply with the standard.

The second part details the 114 control objectives and controls; while not mandatory, these are an important element in the process of risk management. Called Annex A, the second part of the ISO 27001 standard serves as a guide to achieving the standard, supporting the clauses as given in the first part.

Requirements and Security Controls

Clause 4

Clause 4 deals with the organization’s context – identifying internal and external issues and stakeholders. The ISMS scope is defined with this in mind – how extensively it will be applied, and so on.

Clause 5

Clause 5 deals with the leadership requirements as the top management must be firmly committed to the certification. They have to define a policy as per the information security, assign roles and responsibilities, and provide the requisite resources for the ISMS.

Clause 6

Clause 6 states the necessity of the risk assessment, which provides the basis for the ISMS, and the framing of information security goals which must be in line with the overarching objectives of the organization.

Clause 7

Clause 7 talks about the documentation of information, which is critical for successful ISMS implementation. It also deals with the resources, employee competence, communication, and awareness which are essential for the task.

Clause 8

Clause 8 refers to the mandatory processes like risk assessment and treatment, required for implementing an information security framework.

Clause 9

Clause 9 stresses the importance of monitoring, analysing, measuring and assessing the ISMS at frequent intervals by the department, as well as internal audits.

Clause 10

Clause 10 deals with the need to make improvements in the system based on the evaluation, and expects the process to be continuous.

The Controls in ISO 27001 and their Implementation

The ISO 27001 controls are the measures that must be employed to mitigate the risk to acceptable levels, and there are 114 of them. They are categorized and implemented as follows:

Technical controls

These are deployed in information systems through software and hardware, and by adding certain firmware elements to the systems. Antivirus software and taking backups are examples.

Organizational controls

Access control policies, Bring Your Own Device policies etc are examples of these controls, which are executed by setting rules and expected behaviour from employees, systems, and software.

Legal controls

These controls deal with enforcement of rules, regulations, contracts and other legal instruments the organization must maintain compliance with. NDAs and SLAs are examples.

Physical controls

CCTV cameras, sophisticated locks, alarm systems, security guards are examples of physical controls to secure equipment that have physical interactions with people.

Human resource controls

Through internal training for awareness and ISO 27001 auditors, employees can be made competent and capable of discharging their duties securely.

Wattlecorp ISO 27001 Audit Services in the UAE

Protecting data and adhering to compliance is taken very seriously in the UAE. Wattlecorp is one of the leading ISO 27001 consultants in Dubai, and is well-versed with the way businesses operate in the region, and what kind of security threats they face. To help companies in UAE get ISO 27001 certified, we provide the following services:

GAP Analysis

We assess your ISO 27001 compliance and compare with the standard requisites and show you the present state of compliance.

Risk Assessment

Our ISO experts conduct ISMS risk assessments and help to create an apt framework for your company in Dubai.

ISMS Risk Treatment Plan

The ISO professionals at Wattlecorp develop risk treatment plans to bridge the gaps detected and mitigate the risks to acceptable levels.

Policies & Procedures

We will help your organization create information security procedures and policies that are in line with its goals, using Annex A of the Standard as a guide.

Policies & Procedures

We will help your organization create information security procedures and policies that are in line with its goals, using Annex A of the Standard as a guide.

Penetration Testing

To test how stable your ISO 27001 controls are, we perform regular penetration testing and vulnerability tests.

Awareness of ISMS Security

Our team trains employees on ISMS security requirements so that there are no chinks in your organization’s armour.

Technology Implementations

We offer advice and support to remedy gaps in technology and the technical controls implementation.

ISMS Internal Audits

Internal audits help to test and solve any departures from the stipulated policies and procedures of ISMS.

Certification Audit

Wattlecorp will be with you every step of the way for the entire duration of the ISO 27001 certification audit, to ensure that you get certified without any hiccups.

Internal & Certification Audits

Conducting audits both internally and for certification purposes, comes under the ambit of the ISO 27001 compliance program. During internal audits, we can easily evaluate how ready your organization is to undergo assessments, or if any aspects have to be improved, especially with regard to the controls. In the ISO 27001 Audits, we ensure that there is 100% adherence to the compliance requirements; we also help your organization to restructure and simplify the processes to make your path to certification free of hurdles.

Awareness Training /Support

Managing risk and protecting data is not a one-and-done thing – it’s a continuous process. You must put in effort to maintain it, and everyone has to know the how’s and why’s. The security specialists at Wattlecorp also offer simple, concise, yet thorough learning modules so that your employees are aware of the need for privacy and how to maintain it. Only then will your deployment be truly successful.

Why Choose Wattlecorp for your ISO 27001 Audit ?

Budgeting for ISO 27001 Certification

While you will obviously incur a certain amount to get the ISO 27001 certification, the cost your organization will have to pay if you don’t comply with the standard will be much higher. The cost of preparing for your certification will depend on several factors like your existing privacy control measures and so on.

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It improves the reputation and credibility of the organization in the eyes of the customers, vendors, and other stakeholders as it builds trust. This makes it easier to tap into new markets and expand your business too.

No, it does not. You can define the scope to be implemented for only specific parts of the organization. This is especially required for large organizations with multiple locations.

ISO 27001 does mandate documentation, but it depends on the organization. Like, for small businesses the number of documents is likely to be less whereas larger, complex businesses may require a lot more.

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