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Virtual CISO (vCiso) Consulting & Advisory Services In UAE, Dubai

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What is a Virtual CISO?

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer or vCISO is an on-demand cybersecurity expert to help your organization with your security needs. Coming with great expertise, flexibility and cost effectiveness, they help you with strategic advice and practical support on ensuring security for your organization.

Also, they help you with a wide range of cybersecurity operations including risk assessments, strategizing and implementing security controls, handling incidents and ensuring compliance with industry standards. A vCISO comes handy particularly for small and mid-sized firms which are in need for a CISO but may not be in a state in terms of operation or resource for a full-time role.

Virtual CISO (vCiso) Consulting services in uae
Virtual CISO (vCiso) Advisory Services in uae

Benefits of a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

A vCISO combines a wide range of benefits including expert guidance towards building a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy with an assurance to support the organizational objectives. Higher expertise over a diverse technological background and flexibility over the requirements combined with cost-efficiency which offers a greater support to the SMEs (Small-and-Medium sized Enterprises). Since they act as an external consultant, virtual CISOs would be more able to identify the blind spots and provide unbiased suggestions than a full time role.


Providing guidance, support and solutions on the cybersecurity practices and strategies of the organization.


Identify vulnerability, prioritize the risks and recommend strategies to mitigate them.


Implement security controls to protect the organization’s data and systems from breaches.


Strategize and implement incident response plans to prepare and respond to the security incidents.

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