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Qatar Personal Data Privacy Protection Law (PDPPL) Consultation

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What is Qatar's PDPPL ?

Any organization handling the personal data of Qatar citizens has to uphold the values of justice, openness, and human dignity.

Qatar PDPPL is all about those mentioned above. Qatar was the first Gulf nation to enact a national data privacy law, which opened the door for the rest of the Gulf nations to follow. Law No. 13 Concerning Personal Data Privacy Protection Law was passed by Qatar in 2016.


In addition to giving data subjects rights and establishing a specific level of security on their data, the PDPPL also specifies how enterprises must treat personal data in Qatar.


Benefits of Qatar Personal Data Privacy Protection Law

Abiding by the data privacy protection law helps to secure your business from ever-evolving threats. This helps add an extra layer of security assurance to your customers, improves data accuracy, and saves your business from hefty fines due to non-compliance.


It starts with determining what systems and assets in your organization are already covered and must be covered under the Qatar Personal Data Privacy Protection Law.

Compliance Map

Based on the data from the scoping, the existing controls against the required will be mapped to identify applicable regulations and standards. This also helps your business in coordinating the list of requirements put forth by the regulatory bodies.


Appropriate assessments and tests to prove its findings shall be carried out by industry experts to find the weak points towards strengthening them.


Insights with ample representations and suggestions shall be shared with the decision-makers which comes in handy in fixing the found non-compliance issues and towards complying with the Qatar Personal Data Privacy Protection Law (PDPPL).


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