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Managed Security Operations Centre In Qatar

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What is SOC?

A security operations center (SOC) is an in-house or outsourced team of IT security professionals that monitors your organization’s entire IT infrastructure continuously without any disruption. This helps to detect cybersecurity incidents in real-time and take accurate action to them at the earliest.


A SOC also selects, operates, and maintains the organization’s cybersecurity technologies, as well as regularly analyzes threat data to uncover ways to improve the organization’s security posture.

Benefits of Our SOC Services In Qatar

Outsourcing a SOC for your Qatar-based company helps in the unification and coordination of your organization’s security tools, policies, and reaction to security issues.

This leads to better preventative measures and security policies, faster threat detection, and faster, more effective, and less expensive responses to security risks. Choosing a SOC for your Qatar business would also boost consumer confidence and help your firm comply with industry, national, and worldwide privacy standards.


The decision-makers and our security experts engage in an initial communication to discuss your requirements and expectations to be done, along with the restrictions in your asset or application.


Triaging the incoming security issues and assessing their severity will be done in this stage. This comprises finding the cause of the event, evaluating the breadth of the occurrence, and analyzing the incident's impact.


Investigating security events and discovering the underlying reason will be done in this stage. Analyzing logs, network traffic, and other data sources to determine the cause of the event is part of this process.

Hunt threats

Extensive threat intelligence reports and advice for repair will be provided. The most experienced cybersecurity analysts assist with sophisticated incident response and conduct rigorous tests to find the risks that detection tools may have missed.


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Wattlecorp Team is experts in Microsoft Azure Sentinel and we use sentinel for 80% of our clients at this point.   

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