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ICS / SCADA Security Testing & Assessment Services

Towards improved operational efficiency through effective cyber-risk prevention in your industrial control system

What Is ICS/SCADA VAPT Service ?

Digitization of all verticals of commercial and public businesses which heavily depends on the software, networks, computers, and endpoints has resulted in the need for securing these assets alarmingly.

Industrial control system (ICS) security is securing the systems that control and operate infrastructure that controls critical services such as water, power, transportation, manufacturing, etc. Securing hardware and software that are used by the system and its operators. 

ics security solutions
ics security services

Benefits Of Securing ICS ?

Implementing appropriate ICS security and ensuring its continuity brings business huge benefits. This includes ensuring the physical safety of the employees and nature and organisms in the perimeter of the organization.

Disruptions and malfunctions of these systems can wreak havoc on the lives of the public and even on the nation’s economy. Securing the ICS helps to prevent this by focusing on preventing cyber incidents in these infrastructures.

Risk assessment

A thorough risk assessment of the industrial control system to identify assets, their value, and potential vulnerabilities. The impact of a successful breach incident is also calculated in this process.

Implement security controls

Based on the insights from the risk assessment, appropriate security controls are taken, which comprise firewalls, intrusion detection systems, access controls, and better communication protocols. It is also ensured that these controls are optimized to the ICS's unique requirements.

Regular monitoring and auditing

Appropriate measures to detect any unusual activity or security threats are implemented on the premises. Regular audits of the security controls are also conducted to ensure the systems are capable of functioning without any disruptions due to any causes.

Incident response and recovery

Steps needed to be taken in the event of a security breach, plan to contain the incident, eradicate threat, and bring operations back to normal are strategized. Also, insights from previous incidents are utilized to improve ICS security further.

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