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What is OT Security Assessments

Operational Technology security effectively utilizes software and hardware to assess and secure the processes, divides, and infrastructures. They are usually found across asset-intensive platforms that perform operations from monitoring critical infrastructures constantly to controlling heavy machinery. Next-generation firewalls and security information and event management (SIEM) systems are used in this process to identify access and management.

Benefits of conducting OT Security Assessments

A small incident in critical infrastructure would be a catastrophe for the environment, the public, and the nation’s economy.

Implementing the right operational technology security with the assistance of experts helps to enhance safety and reliability through the adoption of preventive measures against intrusions and cyberattacks.

Preventing costly disruptions and damages while complying with various global data privacy standards is yet another benefit of the same. Customer trust and maintaining brand reputation also come with it.



The first stage is to determine the parameters and needs. To ensure end-to-end assessments, the assets that fall under the operational technology category are identified. These assets range from network devices to sensors and controllers.

Vulnerability assessment

The devices, applications, and networks are examined for vulnerabilities using a standardized threat checklist with decision-makers consent and a defined scope.

Impact analysis

Vulnerabilities in your operational technologies are evaluated and then examined to see how they affect your business and estimate possible damages. Determining the probability of being exploited and the extent of access that an attacker would be able to obtain in an actual incident is helpful.


The findings, appropriate screenshots, and techniques and procedure used to find the vulnerabilities, along with practical remedial recommendations for effective remediation are summarized as a report tailored according to your business requirement.

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