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Penetration Testing Company in Qatar

Data has emerged as a new and very valuable asset that must be safeguarded. Smart supply chains, automobiles, and critical infrastructures have been the common targets for hackers. The increasing digitization is visible in every sector and organization size. 

Be it in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the automotive industry, the finance, and insurance industries, or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) the interconnected systems and applications are growing day by day.

Penetration testing has become one of the most important criteria in Qatar for cyber security services, as it aids in the early detection of application flaws and vulnerabilities. 

Benefits of penetration testing as a service

It is not just about hunting and keeping your business and applications safe from vulnerabilities but being the best in Qatar when it comes to competing with each competitor out there. Security resilience is an important aspect when it comes to each industry, be it critical infrastructures, oil and gas, telecom, healthcare, e-commerce, finance, and even startups.

Root level test

Our experts dig deep into your assets to ensure watertight security

Global benchmarks

You deserve the best, nothing least when it comes to the quality of service

Tailored report

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Benefits for all stakeholders

CEO and business team

Maintain cost-effective compliance with a constantly shifting regulatory environment, safeguard brand equity, predictable expenses, straightforward billing, and minimize business headaches.

CTO and technical team

Early release vulnerability identification and patching, enhanced application delivery agility, risk-based security management, simple communication with the security testing team, and quick response times.

CISO and security team

Improve app delivery, simplify compliance, and manage risks with ease. Encourage teamwork, manage your testing program, and cut testing expenses without sacrificing quality. Optimize rapid response times, early problem detection, and ongoing monitoring.

VAPT Services


End-to-end security coverage for your business

Web application Penetration Testing

Assess how secure your web application is, towards uncovering vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential threats.

Mobile application Penetration Testing

In-depth assessment of mobile application security posture towards finding and fixing its weaknesses

Network penetration testing

Keep intruders away from network intrusions.

API Penetration testing

Shield application programming interfaces against cyberattacks, abuse, and hostile botnet attacks.

Operational Technology security assessment

Enhance OT system security to their specific performance, dependability, and safety needs.

IoT security assessment

Measure and score IoT risks at four different levels: device profile, location, organization, and individual IoT devices.

Secure Source code review

Assess and ensure your software is coded securely.

Approved Scanning Vendor

Attain PCI DSS certification from the authorized scanning vendor

Cloud Application Security Assessment

Examine and assess the cloud infrastructure of your company to shield it from various security threats and vulnerabilities.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Simulating how a malicious actor would exploit vulnerabilities in your wireless infrastructure.

Security Architecture Review

Comprehensive evaluation of security layers including people, procedures, policies, applications, and infrastructure..

WordPress Security Audit & Assessment

Examine your WordPress apps for any odd drops in performance, malicious behavior, or malicious code. .

Device Security Audit & Assessment

Find security gaps, test for weaknesses, and implement security measures in your devices meeting both internal and external rules.

Red Teaming

Aggressive and goal-oriented security test by simulating actual assault scenarios for your business.

Purple team Assessment

Conduct penetration tests and malicious attack simulations to find security flaws in an organization's IT infrastructure and provide the right solutions

Managed Threat Hunting

Identify and mitigate potential threats with a proactive cybersecurity strategy

ERP Security Audit

An in-depth assessment of all critical processes and access restrictions.

Email Security Audit

Secure email accounts against loss, compromise, and illegal access.


Defend your industrial control systems from both internal and external attacks.

Annual Security Program

Conduct penetration tests every year.


What is examined during Penetration Testing?

No more space for black-hat hackers.

OWASP's Top 10 Vulnerabilities

Secure your applications following the standard reference for the critical threats to the security of web-based applications. Towards ensuring software development with secure code.

Data Storage

Secure your data based on its confidentiality and sensitive nature from breaches.


Ensuring the credentials, session controls, token management, and security policies are well in place.

Device Security

Ensure your devices are secure from cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Secure Communication

Ensure safeguarding your data from intruders

Binary & File Management

Safeguarding your files from loss, destruction, tampering, and illegal access.

Secure Source code review

Analyze the source code of your applications to identify bugs and evaluate their quality.

API and Web Services

Grey Box Test

Towards finding defects from improper code structure and application use.

White Box Test

Assess and improve the internal design and code of your applications.

Black Box Test​

Find how and how deep a real hacker can attack your application or infrastructure.

Updates & CVEs

Keep your applications and assets up-to-date with appropriate security patches and fixes.

Platform Use

Assess to find how secure the architecture your organization is using.


No more intrusions to your applications. Improved and safer.


Strengthen the data and the business towards preventing it from unauthorized parties.

Reverse Engineering and Decompiling

Transform the binary executables using appropriate tools to understand its vulnerabilities from its design and workings.

Steps Involved in Wattlecorp Penetration Testing Services In Qatar


Information Gathering


Information Analysis


Vulnerability Detection


Penetration Testing


Privilege escalation


Result Analysis




Security Briefing Workshop


Mitigation Support


Complementary Retesting


Summary Report

Explore Our Penetration Testing Strategy For Businesses In Qatar

We employ nothing less than the best. Be it the expertise offered by the professionals, the quality of the service being provided, or the outcome. The strategically combined implementation of the most modern arsenal of tools, both modern and industry-standardized helps to assess every nook of your applications and networks effectively.

Penetration Testing Service Deliverables By Wattlecorp

Comprehensive report

Straight-to-the-point and tailored test summary with ample data on the occurrence, impact, and risk rating supported with the visual images.

1-on-1 communication

Your security is no longer just your business, but our mission. Let’s fix the found vulnerabilities together toward a safer and more functional application, with the support of our most human and experienced technical team.


Once the detected vulnerabilities are fixed by your team, verify whether it has been mitigated properly.

Secure Badge

Let the world know your commitment to providing secure services and products with our secure badge. Share it on your website landing pages or social media channels.

1:1 technical assistance

Personalized and one-to-one expert security advice and assistance at your convenience and channel, be it virtual or in person.

Why choose the Penetration testing program from Wattlecorp?

Budgeting for Penetration Testing in Qatar

Usually, penetration test costs range from $6000 for a small website to $100,000, depending on various complexities such as the features contained, application infrastructure, human and time resource requirements, and the application size itself. However, this would vary based on various other factors too.

However, be it a smaller or enterprise-level business, the test output quality remains nothing less than perfect.

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Penetration Testing as a Service

Whether you're a startup making your first investment or an established company trying to cut costs on continuous testing, Wattlecorp's penetration testing subscription service lets you benefit from lower testing costs. You may select between one-time, monthly, or annual membership fees for manual and automated penetration testing, or for limitless testing.

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How penetration testing helps leverage your business in Qatar

Penetration testing is all about doing what could be done by the hacker, but with a greater purpose towards a proactive approach to security.

Commitment to Security

Boosted customer trust

Better legal and regulatory compliance

Ensured business continuity from cyber threats

The Impact We Delivered For Our Clients

200,000+ vulnerabilities detected and fixed

500,000+ assets secured

$10+ billion saved for clients from compliance fines

Leading penetration testing service in Qatar


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We help companies in UAE to protect their online assets.

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