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Grey Box Penetration Testing Services In UAE

Reliable and Effective grey box testing testing that helps you tackle vulnerabilities

What is Grey Box Penetration Testing?

A grey box test is conducted to see what harm a normal user with no admin rights can do. Using login credentials, we assess your systems, detect weaknesses, and attempt a breach. This test is conducted to check software applications that have multiple users, and to see how vulnerable the system is to insider threats. 

Grey Box penetration testing is used in these two instances: Insider Threat, where we validate and check access, rights, permissions, etc. for users. A user should not be able to access any information that isn’t required for them to execute their tasks, but often, organizations grant unnecessary permissions.

We conduct App testing by logging in as authenticated users. We check horizontal privilege escalation, to see if a user can access another user’s information. Vertical privilege escalation check is conducted to see if a user can escalate their privileges to admin level.


Benefits of Conducting Grey Box Penetration Testing

Our testing gives you insights on the vulnerabilities in your system in the order of priority so that you can understand what your IT environment looks like to attackers, and what can happen if they succeed in breaching your system.

Grey Box pentesting is a secure way to check your capabilities of digital forensics and incident response, allowing you to mitigate the risks and take measures to prevent breach and damage. Our services will help you test and fine-tune your security controls and meet your compliance and audit requirements.


The technical information about the application or asset undergoing the scan will be collected through scanning methodologies such as active scanning and passive scanning, which will be used to analyze the potential attack vectors in the target environment.


Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing will be performed by utilizing the arsenal of most modern automated and manual scanning tools. Manual testing helps to fix flaws such as business logic vulnerabilities, logic flaws, and similar complex security issues.

Reporting and remediation

The findings will be documented with their occurrence, and impact along with the exploitation process. Precise recommendations on the mitigation of the discovered vulnerabilities will also be shared which makes the fixation process faster and simpler for the technical team.


Once the team has fixed the reported vulnerabilities, the entire process will be repeated once more by the security testers until the entire flaws are fixed.

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