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More than being entitled the UNESCO’s City of Literature, Kozhikode is now all set to host the 1st ever edition of Kerala Technology Expo Global Wave 2024. Despite having a greater significance in the world trade map from ancient times.

Keeping greater trade relations with many of the foreigners including the Arabs, Europeans, Romans, Chinese, and Africans, it as also home to various other cultural events and heritage sites.

Kerala Technology Expo (KTX) 2024, is all set to happen from the 29th of February to 2nd of March 2024 at Calicut Trade Centre, Mini Bypass Road, Kozhikode. This event would aim to align the business emergence in the Malabar region with the global industrial trends towards better trade and networks. 

Primarily it would be a B2B event that would act as a bridge between the ecosystems of Indian business with the Middle East Technology.

Why you should attend KTX Global Wave 2024 ?

Our economy is changing, and the KTX is going to be a reflection of that. Kozhikode stands out on a national level and contributes significantly to the economy, especially in the IT sector. It is the third largest municipal corporation in Kerala and an economically successful Tier 3 city that is rapidly developing into a major IT hub. 

The entire event would be classified into technology, vertical sectors in tech, and event sessions.

The tech horizons comprise diverse topics ranging from AI & ML, Industry cloud platforms, AR/VR & Metaverse, startup & scaling up, hardware & robotics, and security & privacy. 

In the vertical sectors of tech, there would be Industry 4.0, Healthcare tech, Creative tech, Food and Agro tech, Property tech, and Retail tech.

The event sessions would contain panel discussions & firesides from global technology geeks, keynotes, networking opportunities, skill-building hands-on sessions, technology showcase, and avenues for cultural richness experience in and around the technology growth and upcoming trends in Kozhikode.

What makes the Kerala Technology Expo special !

Primarily CITI (Calicut Innovation & Technology Initiative) 2.0 takes the initiative and runs the event. This makes it break the ceilings of expectation of how better it would be to attend in terms of resources, vibrancy, and the ultimate effectiveness of the entire event.

The CITI 2.0 program symbolizes a collaborative effort in Kozhikode to become an innovation and technology leader in India. The goal of this joint endeavor is to establish Kozhikode as a prominent center for new technological advancement.

It is a collective of nine key organizations, which includes the Malabar Chamber of Commerce (MCC), Calicut Forum for IT (CAFIT), IIM Kozhikode, NIT Calicut, Kerala State Information Technology Infrastructure Limited (KSITIL), Confederation of Real Estate Developers Associations of India (CREDAl), Kerala, and Calicut Management Association (CMA), Government Cyberpark Kozhikode and UL Cyber Park, Kozhikode (ULCC).

They envision elevating Kozhikode to the rank of an aspirational center in rising India, as well as conducting an in-depth discovery of the city’s immense potential ahead.

What to expect at KTX Global Wave 2024?

KTX 2024 will focus on major areas such as Industry 4.0, healthcare, creative tech, real estate, food and agro tech, and retail tech. The broad emphasis covers AI & ML, Industry Cloud Platforms, AR/VR & Metaverse, Startups and scaling Up, Hardware and robotics, and Security and privacy.

The event is intended to provide prospects for ground-breaking solutions, where technology will affect the future of every sector. It ensures exciting perspectives on various verticals and horizontals while addressing modern concerns.

Panel discussions, incisive keynote speeches, useful networking opportunities, educational seminars, and intriguing displays await attendees. The festival will also include cultural performances and guided excursions, providing a look into Kozhikode’s rich culture.

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