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What is SIA (NESA) Compliance?

The federal authority tasked with fortifying the national cybersecurity posture in the UAE is NESA, or National Electronic Security Authority and it functions under the Supreme Council for National Security. It has been renamed SIA, or Signals Intelligence Agency but it’s still referred to as NESA compliance.

The administration has defined guidelines to ensure that cybersecurity measures of organizations in the UAE are in line with best practices internationally to mitigate cybersecurity threats. NESA created IA or Information Assurance Standards for the UAE, through which the authority intends to raise Cyber Security awareness in the UAE, and to create stringent strategies to protect its ICT infrastructure. 

NESA endeavours to ensure that all the government entities and those entities providing critical national services in the UAE are made aware of the need to fulfil the mandates of this regulation, and what it entails in the coming days.

NESA compliance is valid for a period of 12 months or one year, and the audit is to be conducted annually.

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nesa sia compliance audit services in uae and dubai
NESA’s chief objectives are:

making the security of information assets in the UAE stronger and decreasing risks

protecting critical digital infrastructure from cyber threats

Raise awareness of cybersecurity risks in the UAE

Enhance the capabilities of enterprises with regard to preparation and responding to IT security events

NESA Compliance Standards

There are 188 security controls in the NESA standards, and they are divided broadly into two categories, namely, Management Security Controls, and Technical Security Controls. NESA has identified 24 types of cybersecurity threats; based on the volume of data breaches each type of cyberattack was responsible for, these controls in both categories have been assigned priority levels. There are four layers or priority, with P1 being of the highest priority, and P4 being the lowest. The controls are grouped according to what they address:

sia nesa compliance audit and consulting services in uae and dubai

Benefits of Wattlecorp's NESA Compliance Consultancy Services

Complying with NESA standards offers numerous benefits to government entities and organizations providing critical national services in the UAE. It may not be possible for these organizations to perform the implementation themselves.

This is where consultancy services like Wattlecorp come in. you can leverage our expertise and save time with our ready AI engine; with rules mapped to the NESA controls, it can alert you to deviations almost immediately. You can fortify your security workflows with automation strategies and case management. 

Our Cybersecurity consultants will ease documenting compliance evidence with pre-defined reports and help you respond to threats or deviations from compliance with our automated system. Our expertise and ability to customize helps us to work with your unique IT infrastructure and policies. 

Wattlecorp helps you to lower your risk levels by reinforcing your information infrastructure security. Further, we can help you in reducing the impact of cyber-attacks on the national economy by detecting potential cyber-security issues, responding to them, and recovering rapidly.

SIA (NESA) Compliance Audit Process

NESA Compliance will follow a layered approach in the enforcement of the IAS compliance for UAE. Depending on the degree of risk posed by an organization to the digital infrastructure of UAE, NESA will decide how closely they must be monitored by industry officials. As of yet, NESA hasn’t set a compliance date or potential penalties for organizations, it is expected that the 188 controls in the Standard will be implemented by all entities to whom they apply.

This stays unchanged, no matter what their NESA Risk Assessment reveals. 35 controls out of these help in shaping the foundation of information security for the entities. We strongly recommend that the entities to whom this standard applies, start implementing P1 controls as quickly as possible to protect their systems from cyber-attacks, and mitigate the consequential financial loss, and loss of reputation. The risk assessment framework by NESA comprises

1) Entities should prepare self-assessment reports which NESA collates and generates national and sector-wise risk contexts;

2) NESA has the power to request for evidence to corroborate any item in the self-assessment report;

3) NESA may conduct tests of specific existing control measures. In rare cases, NESA may decide to get involved directly if they feel that the organization’s activities are posing grave risk to the national security of UAE.


Our SIA (NESA) Consultancy Services

End-to-End NESA Compliance services that help you ensure compliance and protect your data.

Identification of Critical Services

Our team identifies the critical services and the organization’s assets as a first step

NESA GAP Assessment

The NESA experts at Wattlecorp carry out a Gap Assessment to ascertain status of your existing information security measures based on the IAS gap assessment method of the UAE.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Our team identifies the potential data security and privacy risks by referring to the NESA standard and its requirements.

Risk Treatment Plan

We create a risk management or treatment plan to bridge the gaps and mitigate the risks, lowering them to manageable levels.

Implementing Policies & Procedures

The NESA experts at Wattlecorp drafts requisite information security policies to help you achieve and maintain privacy and security and comply with NESA.

Technology Implementation

We advise the organization on how they can remedy gaps in technology as well guide them in implementing the technical controls.

Security Testing

Regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to evaluate your security measures and help you maintain compliance with NESA.

NESA Implementation Reviews

To determine how effective your NESA compliance management is, we conduct progress reviews of your NESA implementation.

NESA Internal Audits

Executing internal audits help in determining if there are any deviations from the ISMS policies and procedures as set by NESA, and to correct those deviations.

Why Select Wattlecorp's SIA / NESA Compliance Audit & Consultation Service ?

Budgeting for SIA Audit in Dubai, UAE.

The average cost of a SIA/NESA Compliance  Audit and Consultation in the UAE for a small company can range from 20,000 AED to over 300,000 AED. Without sacrificing quality, Wattlecorp offers a variety of services that are suitable for everyone from startups to corporations.

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All government entities, and organizations who are identified by NESA as providers of critical national services must be NESA compliant.
On an average, it may take anything from a month to 6 weeks to complete the audit properly. But this actually depends on how much time the organization needs to implement the remedial measures recommended when the gap analysis is conducted.
Organizations that complete the audit receive a report that contains details of how effective their system and controls are, the manner in which your critical data is secured with the requisite controls implemented. You will be issued a Certificate of NESA Compliance which you can display in your company prominently and show your clients to increase confidence in your organization.

The NESA compliance certificate is valid for a period of 12 months from its issue date. According the requirements of Industry Standard, the NESA audit has to be conducted every year, or when any major changes that could affect the systems and controls are introduced.

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