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Firewall Security Audit and Management Services in UAE, Dubai

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What is a Firewall Security Audit?

A firewall audit is to find the answer to a simple question for your organization – is your firewall configuration and rules proper? With this, the auditors conduct comprehensive assessments and evaluations of firewalls in an organization, which might be hardware, software, or both. If it is configured properly, you will be able to secure your organization from many of the attacks through network infiltration including unauthorized access and Denial-of-Service (DoS).

firewall security audit and management in uae
managed firewall security services in uae

Top Benefits of conducting a firewall audit in UAE

Regular and effective audits help to strengthen the network security offered with the implementation of the firewall and to prevent cyberattacks.

Also, proper audits help to ensure a handful of benefits such as improved security posture, meeting compliance requirements, improved visibility into the network traffic, and enhanced security awareness in the organization.

Review documentation

The firewall’s configuration documentation is reviewed to understand about security policies implemented.

Test rules

Incoming and outgoing network rules are tested for proper configuration and to ensure unauthorized traffic is blocked by them.

Review logs

Suspicious activities or potential security vulnerabilities are reviewed with the firewall logs stored.

Assess vulnerabilities

Vulnerability assessment is conducted on the firewall to identify any vulnerabilities which left unattended could be leveraged by the threat actors.

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