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Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Towards securing your sensitive business data and devices from the ever-evolving threat landscape

What is Managed Vulnerability Scanning?

Addressing the vulnerabilities in your business IT environment plays a major role in preventing bad actors from gaining access to your systems and to the sensitive data stored within,

Managed vulnerability scanning is a cybersecurity service that helps businesses detect, monitor, assess, reduce, and eliminate security risks from both internal and external sources. It does this by using industry-leading software, vulnerability scanners, automated penetration testing, and other tools.

vulnerabilty scanning
managed vulnerability scanning

Benefits of Managed Vulnerability Scanning

With managed vulnerability scanning, we can identify vulnerabilities, determine their risk, and remediate them to mitigate security threats over time. It also helps to improve control, prioritize security, increase threat visibility, improve operational efficiency, and fulfill compliance, governance, and data protection standards.

IT security teams can uncover vulnerabilities remotely, without physically being present in the computer environment enabling them to manage high-risk situations with limited IT resources.


Misconfigurations in the software and hardware are analyzed as the preliminary stage toward detecting the possible loopholes that an attacker could exploit.


Once the vulnerabilities are detected, it is classified based on their criticality aka the degree of its risk. This helps to make precise decisions on fixing them


Vulnerability patches are applied, making necessary upgrades in the configuration, code, and infrastructure.


Managed vulnerability scanning never ends with a one-time assessment, rather it is a continuous process. Based on the insights from each scan and the latest vulnerability trends, mitigation strategies are implemented to ensure a secure future for the business.

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