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Cloud Server Hardening for GCP

Let’s keep your Google Cloud Platform more secure

What is Cloud Server Hardening for GCP ?

Google Cloud Platform has gained paramount priority in the majority of the workspaces. Even though security is offered by Google in their platforms, securing the assets from bad actors is a great responsibility of the user or the business operating based on the same. Cloud server hardening for GCP is primarily through managing and controlling access to the services and conducting thorough audits towards improvised security. Utilizing the benchmarks and best practices from Center for Internet Security (CIS), the integrity of your Google cloud infrastructure can be ensured.

google cloud platform server hardening
server hardening for gcp

Benefits of cloud server hardening for GCP

Securing any assets comes with a myriad of benefits so that is also with hardening the Google Cloud platforms utilized in your business. Conducting Cloud Server Hardening for GCP adds a layer of security to what they provide. This helps to safeguard data from bad actors by ensuring robust encryption, and access controls, along with ensuring confidentiality and integrity of the sensitive information. It provides much more such as ensuring uninterrupted services, efficient backups and recovery, optimized operational cost, and a better incident response system toward complete security from the user side.

It also assists in demonstrating dedication to data compliance, dependability, and overall organizational resilience in the dynamic world of cloud computing.

Assessment and IAM

A thorough audit of the Google Cloud Platform used by your business will be conducted followed by reviewing Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies towards enforcing the least privilege principles. Strong authentication measures such as multi-factor authentication will be implemented to enhance the user account security.

Robust logging, monitoring, and network security

Cloud audit logs shall be enabled to capture all relevant activities in the Google cloud platform environment. Also, alerts for suspicious activities will be enabled towards timely incident response. Virtual private clouds will also be utilized to isolate the resources logically. The firewall rules shall also be reviewed regularly to ensure and enhance the overall network security and controls over the network traffic.

Operating System and Patch Management

Security patches and unnecessary services shall be applied to harden the operating systems of the virtual machines. Also, the patch management processes will be automated to ensure updates at the right time. Unnecessary services and daemons shall be disabled to reduce the attack surface, supported by regular review and software updates.

Incident response and training

Encryption of the data at rest and transit will be enabled by utilizing Google Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) for effective key management. A comprehensive plan to respond rapidly in case of an incident towards reinstating the business functions back on track. Also, training on security best practices and awareness programs shall be conducted towards fostering a healthy culture.

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