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Securing your business from vulnerabilities through container application

What is a Docker Container Security?

Implementation of container technologies in commercial systems has increased significantly, making containers one of the favorite targets for malicious actors. A single compromised container has the potential to be the entry point into the larger environment of an organization.


Container security is a critical component of thorough security evaluations. It is a method of protecting containerized applications from potential attacks by integrating security tools and policies. Container security addresses threats throughout the environment, including the software supply chain or CI/CD pipeline, infrastructure, container runtime, and lifecycle management apps that run on containers.

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docker container security

Benefits of Container Security Services?

Container security covers not just securing a containerized application and its related infrastructure against cyber attacks but also tends to improve your organization’s overall IT security. It adds to the security of your container management stack by covering all resources in cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments. 


This makes it easier to generate, distribute, and deploy images, as well as uncover security problems at all stages of the container lifecycle. And secures your build pipeline container images as well as the runtime host, platform, and application layers.

Image Security Assessment

Check for outdated packages, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations shall be uncovered by conducting a vulnerability scan on the container images. Also, unnecessary components and services shall be removed, and configuration of user access and securing the communication channels will be conducted in this stage.

Orchestration Platform Security

Restricting unnecessary permissions, enabling role-based access controls, and enforcing network policies shall be conducted by following proper security guidelines. Also, appropriate secret management systems shall be implemented which handle credentials and keys sensitively.

Runtime Security Monitoring

Necessary techniques will be employed to detect, alert, and respond to suspicious activities precisely.

CI/CD Pipeline Security

Security testing shall be integrated into the CI/CD pipeline to identify and address the vulnerabilities earlier in the development lifecycle. Also, container images shall be signed and verified for authenticity by deploying the proper system, which helps reduce the risk of tampering or malicious images.

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