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Penetration Testing Company In UAE

The leading penetration testing company in UAE to uncover vulnerabilities in your applications before an attacker does. We empower you to remain robust by identifying and mitigating threats in your system or network proactively and to stay a step ahead in today’s technological landscape with our future-proof penetration testing services in UAE.

Cybersecurity Penetration Testing Services in UAE

VAPT (Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing) is one of our most popular cyber security services in UAE, with more than 90% of our customers opting for it. As part of the penetration testing process, we assume the role of actual hackers and delve deeply into the target systems to identify vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing has become one of the most fundamental requirements in Dubai for cyber security services, and it is strongly advised to identify application weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Our professional team of hackers has been commended by Fortune 500 companies such as Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, and Walmart for penetrating their systems.

This team is now at your disposal to perform comprehensive testing on your systems and applications based on SIA (NESA), ISR, ISO 27001, ADSIC, CREST, ADHICS, PCI DSS Compliance requirements using the most effective cyber security strategies and industry-standard tools.

Penetration Testing as a Service Business Benefits

We have designed our Penetration Testing services In UAE after talking to several leading app providers from SaaS, Fintech, HealthTech, E-commerce and Startups, and Web and mobile app development companies. The customized approach keeps your business safe from every possible cyber threat.


Our hackers thoroughly investigate your system to find vulnerabilities.


We use industry-standard tools to uncover even the worst security flaws.


Obtain a report on penetration testing that is written in everyday language.

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Advantages for Every Security Stakeholder

Chief Information Security Officer and Information Security Team

Effortlessly manage risks, streamline compliance, and accelerate app delivery. Foster team collaboration, reduce testing costs without compromising quality and take charge of your testing program. Employ quick turnarounds, early problem detection, and continuous monitoring with our full-fledged chief security office and security team.

Chief Technology Officer And Product Development Team

Early release detection and fix for security vulnerabilities, faster remediation, improve application delivery agility, managed risk-based approach to security, easy collaboration with security testing team, fast turnaround times,.We offer live sessions and advanced analytics on your history of vulnerabilities, covering every aspect of the problem.

Chief Executive Office And Business Management

Ensure Compliance to frequently changing regulatory landscape without cost overruns, protect brand reputation, predictable cost and simple billing, reduced administrative overheads.

VAPT Services


No more space for black-hat hackers.

Web application security assessment

Analysing all the corners of a web application to ensure safety.

Network security assessment

Ensuring safety at network levels without compromising.

Mobile application security

Mobile applications deep testing to avoid loop holes that matter.

API Security Assessment

Communications needs to be secure, even if its API.

Annual Security Program

Advanced Security Penetration Testing as a Service.

Secure code

Code can be written in any style, we do have a secure style.

ASV Scan

ASV Stands for Approved Scanning Vendor and used for PCI DSS Certification.

IOT Security

Not letting the lights turn on without action needs attention.

WordPress security audit & assessment

WordPress might not be the most secure, but we make it secure.

Cloud application security assessment

Cloud is not the limit, ensuring correct security is the limit.

Wireless penetration testing

Safer wirless networks are nothing but mandatory security.

Security architecture review

Architecture needs security review, we ensure that.

Managed threat hunting

Find threats even before they plan to execute it to the systems.

Device security audit & assessment

Device is a one shot game, make it as secure as it gets.

Red teaming

Understand attacks and ensure 360 degree protection for your digital assets

OT security assessments

360 Degree security assessment by professional hackers.

Purpleteam assessment

Red and Blue team, both at work making it look purple.

ERP Security Audit

Sensitive business information is even more secure with Wattlecorp.

Email security audit

Emails reach the right receipient, the right way, safe and secure.


Data systems safer than ever, we ensure 360 degree coverage.


What is examined during Penetration Testing?

No more space for black-hat hackers.

OWASP Top ten

Thousands of Security Tests covering assessments designed for NIST. SANS 25 and OWASP Top 10 Risks and an array of other cybersecurity frameworks, to protect your digital assets.

Data Storage

Your sensitive and confidential data is reviewed and protected in line with the latest data protection protocols.


Evaluation of secure sign-ins, passwords, policies and comprehensive overview of session controls and token management along with data extraction from your app.

Device Security

Experience the seamless blend of security and accessibility for your mobile app in both secure and jailbreak modes

Secure Communication

Protect your sensitive data with unbreakable encryption. It's a must-have for PCI, HL7, HIPAA, and other crucial compliance regulations

Binary & File Management

Explore the heart of your app, diving deep into each file to uncover hidden vulnerabilities.

Source code review

Secure your software with our in-depth security analysis. We blend automated and hands-on code reviews to spot and strengthen the soft spots in your application code.

API and Web Services

Assess the security of Web Services and security of APIs accessed by the application .

Grey Box Test

Simulate insider threats with minimum knowledge of the application and network architecture. Comes with advanced privilege controls, your own hand-tailored malware, and safe retrieval of simulated critical data.

White Box Test

Spot vulnerabilities effortlessly with your admin privileges. Dive into server configurations, decode database encryption methods, scrutinize source codes, and navigate through architecture documents.

Black Box Test​

Test your network and app security with only the bare minimum at your disposal. Forget policy intel. Embrace the outsider's perspective.

Updates & CVEs

Analyze your application for missing security updates, patches, and fixes

Platform Use

Architecture needs security review, we ensure that. We review IDE's to check whether you are using IOS or Android or whether your app is native or web 


Level up your data security game, to ensure maximum safety with assessment of authorization controls.


Find threats even before they plan to execute them in the systems. Encryption strength and enumeration

Reverse Engineering and Decompiling

360 Degree security assessment by professional hackers. Quickly scan for gaps in your essential security setup – root detection, SSL pinning, and code obfuscation. Avoid the pitfalls of hardcoded credentials or keys. Keep it locked, tight, and right.

Steps Involved in Wattlecorp Penetration Testing Services In UAE


Information Gathering


Information Analysis


Vulnerability Detection


Penetration Testing


Privilege escalation


Result Analysis




Security Briefing Workshop


Mitigation Support


Complementary Retesting


Summary Report

Explore our strategy for penetration testing.

Our Penetration Testing Service relies on in-depth advanced security testing methodology, analyzes the inner workings of your applications and network configurations, and identifies critical issues, exposure points, and business logic flaws. We identify security vulnerabilities by combining automated and manual testing and removing false positives, assessing every aspect of the security of your application and networks. Projects start with an understanding of the business logic and workflows application and network architectures. Our expert team deploys advanced automated tech to detect the vulnerabilities in your automated tools, ensuring every detail is checked. But we don’t stop there. We also personally verify each result for unmatched accuracy.

Penetration Testing Service Deliverables

Detailed Report

The pentest report details specific vulnerabilities identified on the platform, how they were identified, methods and tools used to identify them, and visual evidence if applicable. . The report comes with a security vulnerability risk rating and recommended remedial actions along with suggestions for employing them.

1:1 Workshop

Static PDf Reports are not enough as vulnerabilities are not fixed immediately. That's why we provide a 1 on 1 workshop and a security debrief between the security team and developers to ensure they understand critical and high-level vulnerabilities along with along with guidance on how to reduce their risks in the future.


We offer a complimentary retest to ensure that the corrective actions were effective and carried out correctly. And after applying all available updates, the system was able to fix the identified flaws without causing any additional issues.

Secure Badge

After the customer has implemented the recommended repair actions, we offer free retesting. After the project has been completed, we will provide you with a summary report confirming that corrective measures have been taken. If deemed adequate, we also provide you with a service that alerts you to new vulnerabilities for up to a year.

1:1 Advice On-Call

Get expert advice and assistance on every aspect of your cybersecurity through one-on-one calls after the submission of your security report. You can choose your convenient options to schedule your calls - from Zoom meetings to standard phone calls.

Why choose the Penetration testing program from Wattlecorp?

Budgeting for Penetration Testing in UAE

Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are different. Unlike vulnerability scan that only identifies vulnerabilities in your systems, a penetration tester digs deeper to detect and remove vulnerability of any scale in your system.

Penetration testing can cost you anywhere from 20000 AED for a small, simple app to more than 40000 AED for a feature-rich, complex app. This is why Wattlecorp provides a range of cybersecurity services that are suitable for everyone from startups to enterprises without compromising on quality.

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Penetration Testing as a Service

Wattlecorp’s penetration testing as a subscription service allows you to take advantage of reducing the cost of testing, whether you are a startup investing for the first time or an enterprise looking to reduce the cost of continuous testing. Choose from one-time to unlimited manual and automated penetration testing using a one-time, monthly, or annual subscription fee

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How Penetration Testing Impacts Your Business

We create a strong defensive line to keep your business away from various cyber-attacks. 


⦁ Ensures business continuity 

⦁ Increases trust

⦁ Reduces the chance of business loss due to cyberattacks 

⦁ Maintains compliance with updated rules and regulations

The Impact We Delivered For Our Clients

⦁ $50+ million saved for clients 

⦁ 100,000+ vulnerabilities exposed and fixed 

⦁ 250,000+ systems protected 

⦁ 10,000+ security strategies implemented 


Bespoke Solutions Protecting Businesses Across Different Industries

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We help companies in UAE to protect their online assets.

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We have something for everyone, including pricing and answers. 


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Yes. Cyber resilience is never a one-step solution. This is because newer vulnerabilities evolve day by day.

Security assessment is like finding the possible weakness in the application, whereas penetration testing is finding how deep it can be attacked by a really bad actor.

A typical penetration test will cost between $10,000 and $35,000. However, depending on the situation, it can go as little as $1,000.

We employ a controlled environment, modest encryption standards, and various other anonymization strategies to handle your data carefully during penetration testing, based on its nature of sensitivity.

We Offer Web application security assessment, Mobile application security assessment, Network security assessment, API security assessment, Operational Technology security assessment, IoT security assessment, Secure code review, Annual security program, Approved Scanning Vendor, WordPress Security Audit & Assessment, Cloud Application Security Assessment, Wireless Penetration Testing, Security Architecture Review, Managed Threat Hunting, Device Security Audit & Assessment, Red Teaming, Purple team Assessment, ERP Security Audit, Email Security Audit, and SCADA VA/PT.

Relying on local penetration testing service providers helps you to tailor securing your business from the cybersecurity and threat landscape of the particular native. It also helps you to uncover unique and specific security challenges related to the same.

At least once a year is always suggested by security professionals and various other organizations across the globe.

Yes. Our commitment is towards your security continues even after the penetration testing until your business, and you are secure from the threats.

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