Wattlecorp Annual Security Program in UAE.

Assisting your developers in improving code quality and managing patches for security vulnerabilities.


1 vulnerability per 1000 lines of code, according to conservative estimates. The release of products leaves 28 percent of vulnerabilities unpatched. In 2021, data breach costs increased by 17 percent. If a startup has no cybersecurity personnel, a data breach will cost them more than the cost of security testing.


Vulnerabilities Now Require Almost 250 Days to Repair. 86 percent of developers attribute concerns about productivity to Application Security problems. Startups and small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with limited Cybersecurity budgets have a difficult time locating and retaining in-house Cybersecurity experts.


Our ASP was developed to assist startups, SaaS, and product companies in the UAE in obtaining a significant return on their security testing investments. Our team explains system flaws discretely and is available on developer channels to help developers write secure code more quickly.

Inside the ASP Kit

Security Testing for Recent Vulnerabilities

Wattlecorp's pentesters will routinely investigate new CVEs in the application's technologies, assess their impact, and recommend any necessary mitigations.

Secured By Wattlecorp Badge

Wattlecorp The badge can be displayed on the website for the product and links back to Wattlecorp. Your customers and reviewers will be aware that your product undergoes routine security testing.

Active Security Consulting Services

Wattlecorp will appoint a spokesperson to address any questions or concerns regarding security raised by stakeholders, government agencies, potential investors, customers, or any other third party.

Professional Security Manager

A dedicated security manager will serve as the operation's single point of contact.

Secure code review

A monthly secure code review will be conducted on every production push.

Bug Bounty Management

Requests for bug bounties will be validated, prioritized, and managed.

Server Hardening

Security controls will be implemented on all application servers included in the scope.

Quarterly VAPT Exercise

The scope will undergo a full round of VAPT testing each quarter.

Annual Updates And Report

The year's activities are summed up in exhaustive reports and meetings.

ASP Packs


No more room for malicious hackers.


✓ 1 Full Round of Security Audit
Yearly Briefings and Report
✖ Server Hardening
✖ Bug Bounty Management
✖ Secured by wattlecorp


✓ Everything in Standard
✓ 2 Full Round of Security Audit
✓ Server Hardening
✓ Bug Bounty Management
✖ Secured by Wattlecorp Badge


✓ Everything in Premium
✓ 4 Full Round of Security Audit
✖ Secure Code Review
✖ Dedicated Security Manager
✖ Secured by Wattlecorp Badge


✓ Everything in Enterprise
✓ Secure Code Review
✓ Dedicated Security Manager
✓ Secured by Wattlecorp Badge
✓ Security Operations Center
✓ Red Teaming
✓ Secured Code Practice Training


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Annual Security Program (ASP) is a dedicated security program by Wattlecorp.

Our higher end packages come with 24*7 support depending on the terms and conditions. 

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