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Wireless Penetration Testing services

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What is Wireless Penetration Testing ?

Wireless devices are some of the easiest ones to be compromised. Once gained access to them, an attacked would be able to view and gather the proprietary information such as your login credentials, server addresses, 

Wireless penetration testing or Wi-Fi pen-testing is finding the vulnerabilities in your wireless infrastructure, devices, and systems such as the WiFi networks, Bluetooth devices, wireless access points, and other wireless devices such as printers, mouse, and keyboards towards securing them. 

wireless penetration testing services in uae
wireless pentest services uae

Benefits of Wireless Penetration Testing

Securing your wireless networks and devices helps you to identify the vulnerabilities in your external infrastructure that an attacker could compromise and gain more access to your corporate network. Finding such threats at the earliest helps you to tighten the security prior to an attack, foster a stronger security posture towards emphasized business integrity, and comply with data protection and security legal regulations to avoid hefty fines upon violating them.

Define scope

Our team of wireless penetration testing experts connects with you to define the type and depth of test required and develop a tailored strategy according to your requirements and specifications.


All the information about your wireless network will be gathered using the most advanced intelligence-gathering techniques and industry expertise harnessed over these years.


The vulnerabilities will be assessed by aligning with various penetration testing standards and they will be subjected to penetration tests to find the real impact an attacker can cause, in a safer way


Once the test is conducted and vulnerabilities are derived, it will be documented in a comprehensive and informative manner to help your technical or respective teams fix towards strengthening the wireless networks and devices.

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