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Cloud Configuration Review Services In UAE

Ensure Security of your Cloud Environment

What is Cloud Configuration Review Services?

A Cloud Configuration Review evaluates the configuration of your cloud security controls, practices, and configurations by comparing them with the industry best practices, enabling you to mitigate risks. With businesses increasingly moving their operations to the cloud, it is critical that it is secure and well-configured, and its integrity is maintained.


Cloud misconfigurations can lead to serious vulnerabilities like breach or loss of sensitive data that is stored there. Wattlecorp’s expert pentesting team assesses the configurations and security controls of your cloud infrastructure for vulnerabilities. Network security, identity and access management, data protection, encryption, compliance, and logging and monitoring are the key areas we evaluate. 

Configuration issues in IAM, storage, computing, networking and so on are also assessed. Meticulous testing ensures that every configuration weakness is detected. We conduct an intensive review and provide actionable suggestions so that you can improve the security posture of your cloud environment and assets.

configuration review service for cloud
cloud configuration review services

Benefits of Cloud Configuration Review Services

Our cloud configuration review services help you understand the security gaps in your cloud environment and the consequences of a breach. It helps you enhance your data protection, and reduce the risk of data breaches. 

Cloud configuration reviews can help improve your incident response, increase system availability, and make your identity and access management more robust. The proactive mitigation of risk helps in adhering to regulatory compliance, optimize costs, and build trust.

Our Cloud Configuration Review Services

AWS Configuration Review

An AWS configuration review is a comprehensive assessment of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment to identify potential security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

GCP Configuration Review

GCP configuration review services are like a security and efficiency checkup for your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment. They help identify potential weaknesses and areas for improvement in your cloud setup.

Azure Configuration Review

Azure configuration review services act as security auditors for your Microsoft Azure cloud environment. They meticulously examine your cloud setup to identify potential security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could lead to problems.

Oracle Configuration Review

Oracle configuration review services act as guardians for your Oracle database environment, ensuring it's configured optimally for security, performance, and efficiency. These services go beyond basic checks to provide a deep dive into your setup.

our secure built and configure review process

Comprehensive Cloud Configuration review services that help you set a baseline and protect your systems and data


The first step is understanding your specific cloud platform, compliance requirements, methods of deployment etc. and defining the scope of the review.

Cloud Infrastructure Assessment

We scrutinize the configuration settings and security controls like network components, databases, and storage, and identify misconfigurations.

Evaluation and Analysis

Next, the effectiveness of your IAM controls, data protection and encryption mechanisms, and logging and monitoring capabilities are evaluated.

Reporting and Recommendations

We deliver an exhaustive report summarizing our findings and recommend steps for remedying misconfigurations and adhering to best practices.

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