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Azure Configuration Review Services In UAE

Establish a Secure Baseline and Avoid Security Pitfalls

What is Azure Configuration Review Services?

An Azure configuration review is an assessment of the client’s Azure and Office 365 instances to detect deviations from best practices, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities so that you can take remedial action to prevent adverse security incidents.


The certified professionals at Wattlecorp carry out an exhaustive review to detect misconfigurations that may have happened at setup or when substantial changes were introduced. 

Our review considers industry best practices and includes detailed reviews of Azure’s security controls like IAM, virtual machine security policies, networking security groups, SQL services on SQL servers or databases, and secure storage account configuration. Virtual machine review includes OS patches, endpoint, disk encryption etc., along with connected apps to detect misconfigurations, exploitable vulnerabilities and weak configurations.

Benefits of Conducting Azure Configuration Review

Our comprehensive assessment of your Azure environment can help you realize not only lack of security and best practices, but the business impacts of those vulnerabilities being exploited. 


We provide a detailed report of our findings that will enable you to implement the best practices, plug security gaps in your Azure environment, and mitigate risk of security breaches. Proactive threat mitigation will help you stay compliant with regulations, uphold your reputation, and save costs.


First we gain a deep understanding of your Azure environment, users, the problems and requirements unique to your business, and more.


We conduct a thorough review to detect misconfigurations and weak configurations in your IAM policies, MFA, Azure Active directory, and deviations from best practices.

Reporting and remediation

A summarized report of our findings is included in a report which we present along with actionable recommendations to address every vulnerability.


Ensuring Azure cloud security is an ongoing process, so we assess your environment once more after you implement the suggested measures to double-check.

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